Cable TV and Internet

Last month I talked online with the people at Comcast to try to cancel my cable. After a 30 minute conversation they FINALLY told me that I couldn’t cancel my cable online, I’d have to call the 1-800-comcast number to talk to a representative “in person”.

So I called.

Currently what I’m paying on my cable bill is:

$43/month for cable TV (this went up this month, from $33)

$33/month for internet (this is a promotional price in combination with the cable TV)

Total = $73 (plus taxes and fees)

When I called and said I wanted to cancel they offered me this deal:

TV: $43/month

Internet $20/month

Total: $63 (+taxes and fees)

When I asked how much it would be for just internet, they said that it would be…

Internet: $55/month (+taxes and fees – YIKES)

That’s right – it will save me $8/month to stay with Comcast and downgrade to just internet. However, I think $55/month for internet is highway ROBBERY – and I told them so – actually the word I used was “extortion“.

So I hung up with them without cancelling anything to see what my other options were (I didn’t want to cancel if this actually was the best deal available).

I also have AT&T Uverse available to me. To get internet only through At&T Uverse, I could pay as low as $25/month – plus taxes and fees) – or $35/month for the same speed I currently have through Comcast. That seems like a good deal? Right?

Sure, if you exclude the fact that I’ll have to pay an installation fee of $149. Which means, if I divide this over the course of a year, I’d be paying $149/12 = $12 extra per month – giving me a total per month fee of $47/month. Which isn’t extortion like Comcast, but still isn’t fantastic. I really want to pay less than $30 for internet at home.

Also, there is the additional factor that I don’t HAVE an extra $149 sitting around my checking account to blow on a one time fee.

So what I’ve decided to do is to cancel BOTH my cable TV and my internet with Comcast. No matter what I decide to do, I won’t be staying with Comcast. I’m not going to spend that much money on TV service I don’t use and sure as hell am not going to pay $55/month for internet when I can get the same speed I have now through Uverse for $35/month.

I’m going to go without home internet until I have saved enough money (paying my $35/month to myself) to pay for the installation fee for Uverse (or until I hate not having internet at home so much that I just give in and pay the fee). Once I’ve got the money I’ll consider whether I NEED the internet at home or not – who knows, a few months without home internet access and I may change my mind about the necessity of having it at all (doubt that, btw).

Other options  that I’m considering, but haven’t researched as thoroughly:

Getting a smartphone with internet access

If I could find a phone that uses micro-SD or memory stick duo technology such that I could write a blog post or Word document on my computer, save it to my memory stick and upload it through my phone to my blog or via email I would consider getting a phone like this if the data-plan was less than $30/month. I’m not sure if something like this exists though, as I haven’t shopped for phones in years – my phone barely sends texts.

Getting a PC-adaptor for my internet access

Another thing I’ve considered is getting a wireless card for my computer that will let me use my cell phone provider as my internet provider. The plans aren’t unlimited and they aren’t fast, but I could use my internet everywhere I have cell phone service – which is kinda neat for travelling. I can get a decent card free through my cell phone company since I’m currently off contract and the plan runs around $40/month – $59/month depending on the carrier. However, for this price, I suppose I might as well just keep home internet, since the speeds would be faster – but the “go anywhere-ness” of it is compelling.

Anyway, there you have it, I’m cancelling Comcast for sure – also – I learned that they’ve been stealing $3 from me every month. I’ll save that story for a separate post though… gotta keep up the suspense some how, right? =)


5 Responses to Cable TV and Internet

  1. TeacHer says:

    Oh, Comcast drama, I know it well. When I was in full-on debt payoff mode, I canceled my cable and was on an Internet promotion for $25 per month. Until one day, when I received a bill for $65. Just for Internet. Heck. No. So I called up Comcast and discovered that I could get cable and Internet for $50. Except when the bill came, it wasn’t $50, it was $170. After much huffing and puffing and calling of customer service, I finally negotiated a deal to get cable and Internet for $55, and it doesn’t expire until April.

    Basically, if you’re going to deal with Comcast at all, you have to play their game and keep pressing for real answers from the people in charge. I just hope that you’ll keep posting as frequently when you don’t have Internet at home anymore 🙂

  2. I don’t think ANYONE can say something positive about Comcast. I had similar drama to TeacHer with them. If I could, I would totally cancel, but they are really the only option in my area. LAME.

  3. rozie says:

    Have you thought about mooching off an open wireless connection? If you live an in apartment or semi-dense residential area you should be able to find an open one and borrow their internet when you need it for the (one time) cost of a wireless card. They make USB dongles to pick up wireless that are fairly inexpensive.

    Another option is sharing wireless with a neighbour. My sister had a neighbour in her apartment building who used to give her $20 a month in exchange for knowing the WEP key for her wireless.

    • SS4BC says:

      I absolutely have thought about this. There is currently no one in the apartment community (about 30 apartments) that has unlocked wireless (bummer).

      However, my coworker lives in the complex across the parking lot from me. And we’ve discussed me just giving him $20/month. However his signal is very weak from my apartment. I may casually bring it up with my downstairs neighbor since we talk semi-regularly as we both have dogs. It is a fantastic idea and definitely one I have considered.

  4. Rachel V. says:

    I have never regretted ditching Comcasr over 2 yrs. ago. We got DISH network for tv and AT&T DSL for internet. I was so happy to sign contracts with a fixed price for two years after watching Comcast,raise rates what seemed like every 4 months!

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