Oh man… shopping heaven or hell?

My hotel in the Chicago area is located near my training site, which is fantastic.

But it is also across the street from a Nordstrom’s Rack, DSW shoes, an Ulta, an REI, ect, ect, ect.

I stopped by an H&M and managed to grab myself two bras and three pairs of underwear for $13.

I found my FAVORITE pair of Merrell shoes at the Nordstrom’s Rack. And two other pairs of Born’s that I love.

(I have to wear Merrell or Born or Dansko shoes because I have ridiculous arches and have to stand A LOT at work – I’ve tried other shoes and my right arch just ACHES – and I’ve tried every insert under the sun and they help, but don’t prevent the aching pain – anyway… those are the brands that I can wear without pain).

I almost walked out of the Nordstrom’s Rack with $150 worth of shoes (3 pairs), but managed to put them back. How? I have NO IDEA.

Now I just need to find a Trader Joe’s to stock up on some Two Buck Chuck… yeah… we’ll see how I make it through a week in Chicago. Being here really has me missing all of the shopping that I could do in San Diego and am not able to small-town Midwest, USA.

Hopefully I won’t blow it too big…. especially after yesterday’s post!


One Response to Oh man… shopping heaven or hell?

  1. Jessie says:

    Good luck fighting the temptation!! Jordan and I have been breaking down this week buying things we want for the house once all of our roommates are gone.

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