End of the Month Review – September 2009

Here were my goals for September and how they faired:

¤ Start a running program. Meh… I went running twice, not quite a running “program” but definitely better than what I did last month.

¤ Make $200 in the Earn More Challenge. WIN. Not only did I meet my $200 goal, I surpassed it. I actually earned over $200 just in tutoring alone! I’ll make a separate post about the Earn More Challenge in the next few days.

¤ Cancel my cable. FAIL! I have yet to do this. My billing cycle ends October 4th, so it needs to be done before then. I did talk to a representative online to cancel it, and after 20 minutes of “chatting” she informed me that I actually needed to call their business office during 9-5 hours. Which doesn’t work well for me since I work during this time and I have no cell phone reception in my building. So I’ll do this when I’m in Chicago next week – since they’re an hour behind and there won’t be an issue calling before 5pm.

¤ Apartment Therapy. CHECK! – Sorta… I’ve started Week 4, but I haven’t finished. I have been so busy with life and work that I haven’t taken the time to finish Week 4. I want to finish the program, but my drive is failing HARD.

¤ Identify Research Ideas. CHECK! I’ve written TWO papers, even though my goal was only one. However, the second one isn’t finished and the first one is crap. That’s okay, I didn’t  want to write anything spectacular, but just wanted to get my ideas on paper.

¤ Stay Current on Adjunct Grading. CHECK! I’ve been up-to-date thus far and plan on remaining current for the rest of the semester.

¤ Make sure that my paycheck is straightened out. CHECK! The paycheck has been straintened out and I now know what my salary will be for the remainder of the year.

So that is how the month went. Mostly good, some obvious bad, and definitely things to work on for October.


3 Responses to End of the Month Review – September 2009

  1. TMcImmy says:

    Congrats on all your successes! Now cancel your cable.

  2. Jessie says:

    Great successes!

    I second TMCImmy, get that cable cancelled. Now that Jordan and I will be roommate-less for at least the month of November, but probably longer I’m going to look at cancelling our house fund and maybe revisiting the satililte TV options.

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