Work Trip – To Chicago!

So I leave next Sunday to go on a work trip to the lovely land of Chicago. I’ll be there for an entire week. I’m pretty excited about going. I found myself a hotel that will take dogs, so I’m most likely going to take Jack with me (I’ll be driving to Chicago).

I’ll be in a hotel paid for by work for the entire week, however, I had to pay for it up front. In the past this has caused me GREAT pains as I’ve had to shuffle money around, put it on my credit card, ect.  However, this time, I was just able to transfer the money out of my emergency fund for the hotel – then I’ll put it back in when I get reimbursed (within a week after returning). In my career I travel a far amount, at least 3-5 times per year for work – usually for at least a week. And typically I have to pay for everything out of pocket and then get reimbursed for the expense. And this has caused me to do A LOT of stupid things. Even as recently as January, I took money out of my mutual funds in order to pay for everything that I needed to for a conference that I was chairing.

However, this time I was able to just pull out of my emergency funds – not touching any of my day-to-day expenses – and not having to touch my credit card or my mutual funds. WHAT A RELIEF! – This is exactly the sort of feeling that I hoped to have once my emergency fund was in place. However, since I’ve taken money from my emergency fund – I’m going to lower my bars on the right. I’ll put them back at their correct value when I get paid back and put the money back into the E-fund. Seems only right, right?

Now – on to the fun stuff – are any of you bloggers from the Chicago area? I’d love some suggestions for some fun, inexpensive things to do during my evenings. =D


5 Responses to Work Trip – To Chicago!

  1. Congrats!

    Nothing like those little tangible times that show you your finances are getting better.

  2. Congrats! It must feel so nice not to have to worry. Just the reason to have that EF! I’m so excited you’re headed in a good direction.

  3. Ann says:

    This is a great moment! I’ve been in similiar situations where I have had to stress out about how the heck I was going to pay for something for work. It’s a great feeling to know that that E-fund is there now! So I totally know the feeling of relief that you don’t have to worry! Have a great time in Chicago!!

  4. Jessie says:

    Chicago, never been…

    That must have been an awesome feeling to have your e-fund there for you. Congrats!!

  5. Alicia says:

    As someone living in Chicago I would like you to: a. go to Millennium Park, see the “bean” and walk around. Super fun! You can go to the John Hancock tower for a drink 95th floor lounge (or even some water if you don’t drink) and not have to pay much for stunning views (best from the lounge’s ladies room, I swear!). I take all guests there instead of the Sear’s tower. For cheap food go for some international cuisine in Lakeview or Wicker park. No need to shell out a lot for most places. Beware of the great shopping though! Makes one want to spend. Window shopping on Michigan is free and fun! Free fireworks at Navy Pier. Have fun and don’t forget to have a Chicago style hot dog!

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