Another Saturday!

Not quite as busy as the one that I had last week, but I still have quite a few things planned:

1) Pick up the kitchen – CHECK

2) Donate plasma – CHECK – I went, and found out that my veins are too small to donate plasma. I always knew they were small – I didn’t realize they were THAT tiny. =(

3) Go in to work for a little while – CHECK

4) Do Week 4 of Apartment Therapy: My living room (I’ll post some pictures of this, as well) – CHECK – Pictures and a post to come soon!

5) Convert my all laptop hard drive into a portable hard drive – CHECK

6) Return items to library – CHECK

7) Cook a delicious pre-made meal – – CHECK – BTW… for those of you who are interested, the TV dinner enchiladas that I made with rice and beans were FANTASTIC. They were SO GOOD that I couldn’t believe that I made them. I did it a bit differently than the recipe called for, so I don’t feel TOO BAD posting my version of this delicious feast. It has been the only pre-made meal out of the three different ones that I made that I’ve eaten so far and I find it fantastic. =)


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