Tutoring Part Infinity

One of the girls I tutor has decided to drop her Chemistry class.

She told me two days before that she probably would. However, I’m still a little sad about it. She was my favorite girl to tutor.

However, I’ve picked up another girl who wants to meet bi-weekly in a slightly harder General Chemistry class. And the girl that dropped the class wants to try to learn Chemistry on her own (with my help, but still a bad idea), so she can take a placement exam to get into the next level of General Chemistry (she dropped out of baby general chemistry, and wants to get into major’s general chemistry – this is such a bad idea).

So I won’t be loosing her as a tutoree completely. If I can get her into the major’s General Chemistry she said she would like me to remain her tutor next semester. As well, she wants me to help her pass the exam. So all is not lost, but I think she’s going about this the wrong way. If she is as concerned about passing these classes as she tells me she is, I think the best option is to double her tutoring efforts before dropping the class – but she’s made up her mind and all I can do is help her with her choices.

In some ways I feel a lot like a parent – knowing that I can only support her with the choices she makes and hoping that she makes good ones – and helping her make the best of the choices she does make. Perhaps tutoring is good training for being a mother?


3 Responses to Tutoring Part Infinity

  1. Jessie says:

    Good luck with your student! It sounds like you generally care about her grades, and arn’t just worried about the $$ you may lose from tutoring (thought I would be worried about that too)

    • SS4BC says:

      Oh I am a little worried about it, but it isn’t a huge deal because there are many people who I can tutor if I need to. I really just want her to make the right choices cause I like her as a person.

  2. TMcImmy says:

    Yeah, I’m unsure if your student’s plan is especially wise. The sort of student who could test out of baby chemistry should also be able to breeze through it for an easy A, which is nice to boost that GPA. If she is dropping it due to challenge, tutoring and passing out probably won’t be any easier, unless the baby chem prof is so horrid she wouldn’t actually learn anything.

    Still, it’s her life, and her decision. She’s not your friend, and you aren’t really in a position to give unsolicited advice. If she asks you can give her your opinion, but as she is the one who ultimately has to live with the results, it’s up to her to make the decision.

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