Earn More? – HECK YEAH!

So this Earn More Challenge is really working well for me. I got an email this morning from a girl saying she has an exam on Wednesday night, could I tutor her tonight for the exam – “I’ll pay you well” she added in her email. I probably would have said no to this offer since it is so last notice and the implication was that we would be meeting for however long it took. However, because I’m on an Earn More Challenge –  I SAID YES!

And now I’m $45 richer for it. 🙂

On top of that, I’ve been keeping up with my surveys and last night got another $10 worth of surveys done (in about 45 minutes, not too shabby). So now I’m one survey away from cashing out AGAIN on Opinion Outpost and one survey away from cashing out on Toluna AND one survey away from cashing out on MyOpinion.com. So if I can each of those survey’s done this month – I’ll get another $20 to my total. Hip-Hip-Hooray!

So far so good for my Earn More Challenge – now I just need to get the rest of my life going so well. =)

Earn More Challenge Total: $321.99


10 Responses to Earn More? – HECK YEAH!

  1. Jessie says:

    that’s fantastic! way to go!

  2. MPP says:

    Woohoo! That is AWESOME!

  3. mo says:

    its great what a smidgeon of focus does isn’t it. well done you!

  4. Nelson says:

    Nicely done earning the extra $$$.

    As far as I’m concerned, everybody should focus more on increasing their earnings, and less on stupid frugal crap.

  5. Leigh says:

    way to go! what survey sites are you using? I always get frustrated and end up quitting.

  6. Leigh says:

    duh – just reread your post and realized you said which survey sites you’re using. seriously my head is fuzzy from too many meds

  7. Frugal Girl says:

    I used to tutor in high school. I wonder if I can still pick that up in my “spare time”. How do you know how much you can charge?

    • SS4BC says:

      Hi Frugal Girl!

      Tutoring rates vary based on your location and what you’re tutoring and your level of expertise. I could be charging up to $50/hr for my chemistry tutoring, since I have a Ph.D. – however, I decided what I wanted to charge based on what I feel is an amount where the tutoree doesn’t feel like they’ve gotten ripped off. So I chose $20/hr. I also picked this amount because the University that I work at recommends that graduate students charge $15/hr.

      I live in the Midwest, my friend who is in San Diego charges $40/hr to tutor high school students in Chemistry. She has a Masters degree. So I’m sure that I could charge upwards of $60/hr if I lived there.

      What I would recommend, if you have any local universities, is to visit the department of the subject that you would like to tutor in. They will usually list tutors or have a tutor list on hand if you call the department. You can then email those tutors and find out how much they charge, and use that to base your rate off of.

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