Earn More Challenge – MET!

So my goal for the Earn More Challenge was to get $200 of extra income this month from a variety of courses that were NOT my main job (or my secondary job – teaching at the community college).

As of today, I have met my goal – and I’m still going!

Just to review, here is a break down of how I’ve gotten my money thus far:

1. YouData – $0.31

Sure, it isn’t a whole lot, but it took 2 seconds of my time clicking on ads to get it – not a huge amount of effort for not a huge amount of money. It is fun to do though and I like the tiny amount of money I get for it.

2. Online Tutoring – $19.91

I tutor online in my freetime at Tutor.com – I have in the past made as much as $500/month doing this – but typically now I make a lot less since I don’t have a lot of free-time to do it with my other money earning activities. I’ll probably add another $10-15 to this total by the time the month is out.

3. Real Life Tutoring – $60

I finally picked myself up two “In Real Life” tutorees (I’ve probably had another 10 people email me, but I can’t do anymore than 2 students right now with the primary job and the secondary job). Let me tell you, it is a lot better money and the girls I’m tutoring are pretty nice. These are weekly appointments, so I should be getting $40/week from the two of them. One girl didn’t have her checkbook today, so she’s paying me tomorrow when we meet again to review for her exam on Tuesday – so this number should raise an addition $40 tomorrow (woo!). By the time the month is over I foresee that I’ll have made a total of $120 tutoring these two girls. Not too shabby!

4. Found Change – $0.71

Actually, this number is probably higher, but I just haven’t counted it for a while. I have a coconut bowl in my bathroom that holds the change that I get/find/steal (j/k on the stealing) – and I’ll count it all at the end of the month.

5. Plasma Donation – $0

I haven’t made anything from donating my plasma, but I have an appointment next Saturday to donate. I anticipate that I’ll get somewhere between $20-25 from doing this. My intention is to donate at least twice a month to get an extra $40-50. I will probably be only able to donate once this month however.

6. Etsy Shop – $0

I signed up for Etsy but have been stalling on putting my items up. Mainly because I’m lazy, but also because I’ve been focusing more on cleaning my apartment and going through my clothes to list my blankets. Also because it has been rainy here, so the lighting has been shit for taking pictures of my crafts. However, this morning I woke up with a BRILLIANT idea for a craft to do with some of my old clothes that I think will sell pretty well. If not, it will at least make great Christmas presents for my sister and teen-age cousins. My goal is to have 5 items listed on Etsy by the end of the month – regardless if any of them sell by then.

7. Surveys – $6.40

I was able to cash out from Opinion Outpost, and am one survey away from cashing out at Toluna for $10. So hopefully I’ll be able to make $16 from surveys this month! I’m pretty excited because I’ve never cashed out from a survey site before. I’m guessing it will take FOREVER to get my check (kinda like rebates), but I’m still counting it towards my Earn More September challenge total since I wouldn’t have made the effort to do the surveys if it wasn’t for the challenge.

8. Selling Clothes – $5.40

I went through my closet and reduced it by quite a lot, however, when I took my quality pieces to the consignment shop they only accepted 3 of them and gave me that small amount. Which is fine – because it is better than nothing. Today I browsed eBay trying to find some similar items, and it looks like my pants are selling between $15-25 dollars and some of my dresses for around $5-10. So my goal for the month is to figure out how to list my items without losing money and to get 5 items up on eBay – 5 that I think will sell. I will probably try the rest as bulk lots at a lower price and then donate the rest.

9. Other – $145

Since this is where the majority of the money is coming from in my Earn More Challenge, it is worth an explanation. I got this money for substitute teaching in June. I wasn’t expecting to get paid for that work, so when I got a check for the teaching time I was completely shocked. So I added the total to my Earn More September Challenge fund. I’m not sure if this is ethical, since I didn’t earn it in September. However, I did RECEIVE it in September and have decided to call it “found money” that I wouldn’t ordinarily have. If you’re not okay with it, well just assume it isn’t there and that I only have $92 earned towards the Earn More Challenge – and that I’m only 46% complete with the goal. That’s fine by me because my hope is that I’ll meet the $200 challenge even WITHOUT this $145.

Total: $236.99

I still think I have a lot of money left to earn this month: $10 from surveys, another $60 from real life tutoring, $25 from donating plasma, and another $15 from online tutoring. So I think there is still another $100 out there that I can get this month without TOO much effort if I keep plugging away at the rate I’m going. Also, I have eBay and Etsy goals that I want to see through, so hopefully I’ll also get those items listed by the end of the month – even if they don’t add up to revenue in September. So far, so good for my Earn More September Challenge!


6 Responses to Earn More Challenge – MET!

  1. savings says:

    Nice! Every little bit helps, that’s for sure. I’ve been meaning to sell some clothes on ebay, but never seem to get around to it. I should get on that 🙂

  2. Wow. I’m impressed! Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. mo says:

    awesome! (What is Plasma?)

    • SS4BC says:

      Mo – Plasma is a component of blood. However there is very little of it in blood, so they need a lot of blood to get enough that is useful. So what they typically do it take your blood out, pull out the plasma, and then stick the plasma free blood back in you – so you don’t loose too much net blood. Because the process takes a while (like 2-3 hours), they compensate people for the time they spent donating plasma.

      Here is a website from the company that I’ll be donating through, if you want to look it up and find out more information:

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