Tidbits and Miscellaneous

1) Surveys.

I finally cashed out on my first survey site (Opinion Outpost), for $6.20. I’m also one survey away from cashing out at Toluna (for $10). I’ve added the total that I’ve cashed out at Opinion Outpost to my Earn More September total. I’m getting close to my $200 goal and still have a lot more plans in the works! If you want to see exactly where each penny is going, please check out my Google Document. The survey I did yesterday for Opinion Outpost was actually really interesting, about my thoughts on the music industry and the prosecution of people who illegally stole music and what role internet service providers play in the ordeal. I really enjoyed taking it!

2) Apartment Therapy

I have decided that I’m going to insert additional work into my 8 Week Apartment Therapy to take care of my car. My car is a disaster and has become a storage place for much of the crap in my life since I had to rescue it all after breaking up with Cpt Baseball. Now I’m embarassed to have anyone in it. So Week 3B in my Apartment Therapy journey will be cleaning out my car and putting the things in it either in my Outbox or into a place of their own in my apartment. I may do this concurrently with Week 4 (my living room) or add an extra week into the program, I’ll keep you abreast come Saturday when I have time to spend on it.

3). My UTI.

My UTI seems now to be completely cleared up. I still have one more day of antibiotics to take, but I have been peeing pain free for the past two days. WHAT A RELIEF!


One Response to Tidbits and Miscellaneous

  1. Jessie says:

    I’m glad to hear that things have cleared up on the health front!!

    Adding your car to the apartment therapy sounds like a fantastic idea!

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