Mid-Month Review

Since it is September 15th, I thought I’d look back at the first half of the month and see what progress I’ve made and what I can change for the second half.

Here are my goals:

¤ Start a running program. FAIL! I have however been walking more, which is a start. But two miles a day of walking does not a 5K run make… I have two weeks to get this running started!

¤ Make $200 in the Earn More Challenge. So-Far-So-Good. I set up my Etsy shop, but haven’t added my crochet projects to it. I’ve gotten myself two independent tutorees, so that’s an extra $40/week. Because of my UTI, I haven’t gone to donate plasma – I want to wait until I’m infection free. I looked up yesterday how much the pants I want to sell are worth, and it looks like I’ll be able to sell them on eBay for about $15-20 each (NICE!) – so I’ll either take them down to consignment or list them on eBay this weekend – I’ll worry about the rest of my clothes when I get to that week in Apartment Therapy. I’ve picked up all the change I’ve found on the street and have been putting it into a bowl in my bathroom, but I haven’t counted it recently. I’ve completed quite a few surveys, and am one away from cashing out for $10 on one site. So I’m doing pretty well in the Challenge, but of course I could always be doing better. I think I’ll probably end up with close to $350 when this month is over of extra income, which is pretty damn spiffy!

¤ Cancel my cable. FAIL! I have yet to do this. My billing cycle ends October 4th, so it needs to be done before then.

¤ Apartment Therapy. CHECK! I’ve just started Week 3. I can feel my go-gettin’ feeling getting a little weak, so I need to recharge myself for the next few weeks to come.

¤ Identify Research Ideas. CHECK! I’ve written a 3-page document so far. It is COMPLETE CRAP, but my goal was just to get something written. Also, it gives me something to do at work when I’m having a 30-60 minute down time. Thus, it has also helped me from going crazy at work. =D

¤ Stay Current on Adjunct Grading. CHECK! I’ve been up-to-date thus far and plan on remaining current for the rest of the semester.

¤ Make sure that my paycheck is straightened out. CHECK! The paycheck has been straintened out and I now know what my salary will be for the remainder of the year.

So that is how things are going so far, I’ve made some pretty significant progress on my goals. However one thing I completely failed in (thus far) was staying in budget. Hopefully the second half of the month I’ll be much more diligent on keeping my spending in control. A lack of mini-vacations over the weekends and no more doctor co-pays should help with that! =D


8 Responses to Mid-Month Review

  1. Jessie says:

    Looks like you are well on your way to meeting all of these goals! I think the running one would be the most difficult to achieve (for me anyways, because I would rather play video games or ride my horse 🙂

    I’m looking forward to checking out your ETSY store!

  2. You’re doing great! It’s not like you TRIED to get a UTI, so there’s no point in beating yourself up about spending on it:)

    Be sure to blog about how etsy works for you – I’ve been curious about that site for a while now.

  3. MPP says:

    Awesome job for the mid-month mark!! 🙂

  4. mo says:

    wow. cool progress. pat on the back for you!
    but GET RUNNING!!!

    And I really think am going to have to check out the apartment therapy book. it sounds fab

    • SS4BC says:

      Okay, Okay… I’ll get my ass in my running shoes this week…

      I recommend it, I wish I had taken pictures of my apartment before therapy and after. But my living room and kitchen are so different now that I don’t know if pictures will even help much. Perhaps I’ll still take some of my bedroom, closet and bathroom – since those haven’t had any Therapy yet. =)

  5. Is it really the middle of September already!?! Time is just flying by!

    Looks like your month is a successful one! way to go!

  6. TMcImmy says:

    Cancel your cable! You don’t need it!

    Also, doesn’t your dog inspire you to run? I bet he’d love it!

    • SS4BC says:

      Actually, Jack HATES running. I’ve ran with him 5 times and he just bites the leash and lays on the grass. He’d much rather lay around and eat than run. =(

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