Urinary Tract Infections Part II

So remember last week I told you about the glory of how bad it hurt for me to pee and the steps that I took to try to AVOID paying a $40 co-pay?

Well, I followed the doctor’s orders and took my medication just like he told me to. And a week later I found that I had one pill left in my 7 day antibiotic treatment and still had burning pain when I peed. =(

So I headed back over to the doctor yesterday, forked out ANOTHER $40 copay, found out that I STILL had a Urinary Tract infection, and got a prescription for ANOTHER antibiotic. This one stronger than the previous. Actually, this one I’m familiar with because it was one that my brother was on when he was in the hospital (he passed away of Ewing’s Sarcoma 5 years ago).

Another $8 prescription and I’m out ANOTHER $48 because of this damn urinary tract infection – or a total of $119 this month just on my health – which of course is not a planned expense in the least.

I’m just not sure how to handle this money – My budget isn’t flexible this month to handle $119 of personal health expenses – but I’m not sure if this counts as an “emergency” – but the money needs to come from SOMEWHERE. I’m not sure if it should come from the “extra” money that I got from teaching or from my emergency fund, but one of them is going to have to absorb this cost because I certainly can’t without taking the money from one of these two funds. =\

Any suggestions dear blogger friends? Would you consider unexpected copays “emergencies”? Do you budget for these things every month? How do you handle unexpected expenses that HAVE to be paid?


7 Responses to Urinary Tract Infections Part II

  1. Jessie says:

    This sounds like an emergency to me… if you took the money out of your emergency fund and then lost your job tomorrow, would you be okay? If not, maybe use the extra money from teaching to try to cover it….sounds tricky. I hate it when crap like this comes up when you’re trying to make a plan… and then something happens – that is so not in the plan!

    Best of luck!!

    • SS4BC says:

      Right now I have the money coming out of my teaching money. We’ll see how that changes as the month goes on. I hate tight months, but that is what this one is looking like for me. =(

      Also, I should mention that my job is contract and guaranteed by the government (both Federal and State, since I work at a state institution but my salary is payed for by the Federal Government) until August 2011, so I don’t have to worry about losing it. Secondly, my E-fund is only $900, so it isn’t like I’d be able to LIVE on it if I did lose my job. My goal is to get out of debt and get an E-fund that I COULD live off of for a few months BEFORE my contract runs out. =)

  2. Wow – can’t believe you managed to go another week still having the UTI w/o going back to the doctor. I’d have been crying in her office the next day if I still had symptoms. I am in awe of your stoicism.

    Since your plan was to use the teaching money to pay off debt, I’d use it before tapping into my EF. One or two more months on the debt probably won’t cost that much in interest. Also, you can always put your EF toward your debt later, but it is really expensive to use a credit card to get cash.

    If you didn’t have the extra money, I would definitely count a UTI as an emergency, and use your EF with no guilt. You can die of it if you don’t get proper treatment, and before sulpha drugs plenty of people did, which is pretty much the definition of emergency in my book.

    • SS4BC says:

      Well, I don’t mean to sound like too much of a stoic – but the first antibiotic got rid of about 80% of my symptoms. The only thing that lingered was that when I was finishing peeing it hurt really bad and for about 30 minutes afterwards. However, the classic symptoms of wanting to go all the time and then not being able to pee anything were greatly diminished.

      So I was able to tolerate the pain after peeing for another week since it was a VAST improvement over what I had been going through. However, I was still not 100% and thus needed to go back and get more meds to make me all better. (I’m on Day 2 of the new antibiotic and it still isn’t great… I’m hoping I don’t have to go back for a THIRD round of copays…)

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