The Month After – $800 Spending Party

I was chatting online with my good friend Okturn Delmoniq today and I was just envisioning what I would do the MONTH after I make my final payment on my credit card.

Sure, sure, I have other goals for after I pay it off – like pay off the student loan and get a $10,000 Emergency Fund (4 months of expenses) – but for that one month after I pay off the BIG, HUGE CREDIT CARD – I’m going to throw myself an $800 party!!!

I am going to do something crazy with that $800 that I would normally put on my credit card.

Here are some things I’m thinking:

* Trip to see my friends in San Diego or to see Okturn Delmoniq.

* Purchase fun gadget for myself that I’ve been denying myself while in debt repayment mode (thinking maybe a new bike, or perhaps a Dyson vacuum, or maybe even something as extravagent as a Netbook!)

* Go to a local bar and buy everyone a round ON ME! =)

Who knows, I just know that after a year and a half of chopping away at this debt I’m going to NEED a sweet, sweet spending RELEASE. Better to envision what it could be and get motivated for what I’ll do than to accidently slip and spend that money now, right?

What would you do if YOU had an extra $800 that couldn’t go to debt or savings and that you HAD to spend? What extravagent thing would you do for yourself to reward two years of hard work paying off your debt?

In OTHER news – Congrats to Jessie for making her last payment on her credit card and being credit card debt free!!!

2 thoughts on “The Month After – $800 Spending Party

  1. Thanks for the shout out SS4BC!

    wow, what would I do with $800 that didn’t involve saving or debt?! I think I would use it go go house boating for a week with friends in the summer, or fly to visit my best friend in Vancouver and just treat her to some fabulous shopping for the both of us, or take Jordan on a trip somewhere… or… oh my – this game is asking for trouble lol

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