Urinary Tract Infections

(Or how to lose $71 in three days)

When I went to bed last Wednesday night I noticed that there was a slight pain when I had to pee. Well, come around noon on Thursday I felt like I had to pee constantly, and when I did it hurt like I was peeing tiny toothpicks – not to mention there was a small amount of blood in the urine. All signs pointed to one thing: Urinary Tract Infection.

I had to teach on Thursday night, so I didn’t have time to go to Urgent Care, see a doc and get a prescription. So I ran over to CVS, grabbed some urinary tract medicine (an analgesic), some cranberry concentrated pills (i.e. about $15) and ran off to class.

The pills did their magic and for about two hours I was in sweet bliss. Then a slight pain would come back. And due to my inability to (apparently) read directions I thought I could take these pills every two hours (don’t ask me why I believed this, cause now that I’m reading the box it CLEARLY states not to take them more than 3 times a day and no more than 12 in a 48 hour period).

Anyway, so the pills work  their magic (and make my pee a delicious color of red-orange), and since I’m feeling just fine most of the time I decide that I’ll try to let them and the cranberry concentrates do their work before paying the $40 co-pay at Urgent Care. At this point I’m thinking that spending $15 is better than spending $40.

So Mr Cousin and I head out for our Weekend Adventure with my UTI in tow. Things are fine except for the fact that I have to pee like every hour and once in a while I want to curl up into a little ball and die when I do so. But amazingly this is completely managable with two little red pills every two hours. Thus, it shouldn’t come as any surprise when I ran out of my original box of 32 tables and had to buy another box (bye, bye $8).

Come Sunday morning I woke up and couldn’t WAIT to get into Urgent Care. I was feeling sick from taking FAR too many over the counter pills and just wanted this stupid infection to be gone. I was tired of hurting “down there” especially while I was on what was supposed to be on a romantic out-of-town get-away. I left Mr Cousin‘s house early Sunday morning and drove straight to the Urgent Care. Within an hour I had peed in a cup, seen a doctor that looked like he was just transferred from somewhere in Texas, shelled out my $40 co-pay, headed over to CVS and was DOWNING my prescription sulfa drug (and the $8 co-pay that came with that) like it was going out of style.

Within an hour on taking the prescribed antibiotic I was feeling better. I’m still not perfect, but the doctor said I should be pitch perfect by Tuesday (else I should come back, because something more serious is wrong).

So, while I was trying to save myself the $40 copay, I ended up spending another $23 on over the counter pills AND suffering for an additional 3 days that I didn’t need to.

Moral of the story: Just go to f’n Urgent Care. Your health isn’t anything to cheap out on. And in the long run, it will just be more expensive if you do.


7 Responses to Urinary Tract Infections

  1. Been there, done that, only without the infection and blood. The first antidepressant I was put on, and the only one that ever worked, made peeing and sexing it up feats of misery. And for about 3 weeks after I stopped taking them.

    Funny thing is the doc was more concerned with the latter. “I don’t want you to have any sexual side effects at your age,” he says. Screw that! I pee many more times than I have sex, dude!

    • SS4BC says:

      Haha.. True!

      When the peeing hurts, nothing else in the world seems to matter.

      I always found it weird that birth control pills killed my desire for sex. So I just stopped taking them. I thought it was kind of pointless to pay $35/month for pills that would keep me from being pregnant – by making me not want sex! =)

  2. Jessie says:

    oh wow, and oh ow!

    You make a good point… really scrimping and saving on our health is not the place to save money! Glad to hear you are feeling better now.

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