Earn More Progress Bar

So far I’ve made myself an additional $5.40 this month. Not a lot, but this is just the beginning. I’m starting to line some things up and it is going pretty well so far. Rather than bore you all with posts of each and every time I make a little more moneyI’ve put up a progress bar. I’ll make weekly updates about how I’m doing, and daily updates to my progress bar. As well, if you want to see EXACTLY where each dollar is coming from I have a spreadsheet that you can check out as well. =)


One Response to Earn More Progress Bar

  1. mo says:

    btw. I love your blog. very much after my own aims and missions. I do love this apartment therapy notion. very much. and I want one of those little side bar things that clocks down your debt / how much you have saved. very cool to see it like that. And small steps to big change is one of my fave notions too. I painted our bedroom like that. I just did a tiny bit every day. It took ages, but now it is done. hmm. anyway. good to have found you. best of luck with the earn more challenge! oh and I like the purple ish coloured blanket too. I have just learned to knit. I think knitting is a slowly slowly catchee monkey type of activity too. if you see what I mean. it builds up doesn’t it. from little tiny stitches.

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