September Goals

It is that time of the month… time to make some goals and hopefully keep them!

¤ Start a running program. Mr. Cousin and I have decided to run a 5K together in November. Since I can barely run 1 mile right now, I need to get my fat ass in gear.

¤ Make $200 in the Earn More Challenge. I put $800 on my credit card already, and I want to get to $1,000 this month. This includes getting out my tutoring fliers, setting up my Etsy shop and getting my clothes and books together to be sold!

¤ Cancel my cable. I need the money for better things. I’m researching internet options if I’ll also need to cancel that. For now it seems that getting my 2 hours of free internet per day from Starbucks isn’t a horrid idea, especially in combination with leeching from my neighbors and getting it at work. I hate not having a dedicated internet connection at home, but I’m afraid until my debt is paid off that these are the sacrifices I must make. (Note: If I can get internet for $25/month or less, I will keep it. Anything more and I won’t. See, this is me Value Shopping)

¤ Apartment Therapy. So far I’m really enjoying my apartment therapy. Even through just Week 1, I’m enjoying the results (who new that rearranging my living room and vacuuming my carpets would have such a positive effect?) In conjuction with getting rid of the cable and internet I should have a lot more time at home to accomplish the next four weeks of therapy this month.

¤ Identify Research Ideas. Like I mentioned before, I need to start working on my career now. My goal for this month is to roughly plan one project for my independent career. Even if at the end of the month I realize it is bad, at least I’ll have gone through the trouble of trying to flesh it out. Let’s make this more concrete: Have a 2 page research document on one potential, future project by the end of the month.

¤ Stay Current on Adjunct Grading. I know me, and I hate grading. So my goal is to make sure that I have grades back to my students within one week of them turning in assignments. That can’t be TOO hard, can it?

¤ Make sure that my paycheck is straightened out. I don’t think that needs to much explaination, but some info about this is in this post.

4 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I am SO with you on the grading thing. That is my #1 professional goal for this year, to be better about grading and returning assignments quickly (within two days).

    Your goals look nice!

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