Great News!

1) My fellowship is supposed to decrease my payrate, however, after bringing this to the attention of the powers that be that my funding hadn’t changed, they realized it was easier to KEEP my current salary than to change it. So my boss has agreed to pay the difference in what I was making and what my new salary should be so that my salary will remain untouched. Also, because of how my university does the money, my taxes will continue to be taken out like they previously have. So I should see NO NET CHANGE in my salary. That is a relief! My benefits should remain unchanged, with the exception of my retirement. Which is a bummer, but at this stage in the game I’m just lucky to not see a pay decrease. I MAY continue to still see the retirement benefits though, this has not been cleared up for me. However, this got paid the past two paychecks, so it seems natural that it would continue on since according to the grants people on campus nothing should change on my paycheck now that my boss has agreed to pay the difference.

2) I’ve already secured one tutoree for the Fall semester. We’ll be meeting on Tuesday evenings, which is a perfect time for me. I’ve also been contacted by another girl that wants tutoring for an Organic Chemistry class. Once I get two full time tutorees I only accept other people who are A) at convenient times for me and B) in the same class as one of my other tutorees. I can’t keep that many college classes straight at once – and it makes the tutoring experience better for the tutorees as well. And realistically, I don’t have time to tutor more than 2-3 people per week, and do research AND teach this science class at the community college. However, with the money new tutoree I’ll be getting an extra $80 in September. And that is all going into the Earn More Challenge fund!


5 Responses to Great News!

  1. Jessie says:

    Wow! I can sense how positive things are going, way to go!!

    Congrats on keeping your wage the same, what a great boss you have!!

    • SS4BC says:

      Haha.. yah, the difference amounted to him having to pay me an extra $14/month. So it isn’t like that amount is breaking his bank. 😉

      However, I DO have a good boss in general. =D

  2. Leigh says:

    That’s awesome news!!! and hooray for an extra $80

  3. WOO! This is totally awesome news! Sounds like things are on the upswing for you! =)

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