Pay Check Mess

I’ve been so waiting for payday.

I finally was able to see my paystub for August (Aug 31st, that is) and once again it hadn’t changed. See, starting July 1st I was supposed to get switched over to a new funding source. Rather than getting paid by my boss as an employee of the university, I was supposed to be switched over to getting paid by the National Institute of Health as a government employee – with the money going THROUGH the University.

So, what that amounts to is that I should have the following things happen:
1) My salary should change (it actually is supposed to go down about $500/year)
2) My withholdings should change (I shouldn’t have any taxes, medicare, social security, ect taken out – however, I’ll have to make independent payments to both the state and national taxes).
3) I should lose my 10% retirement that my university pays me every month (or at least some part of it)

However, for both my July 31st and August 31st paychecks, NOTHING CHANGED. So last week (when my August paycheck was available to be viewed) I emailed the people that I thought could do something and asked them what was going on. However, it is quite a nebulous question: “I’m writing you because nothing has changed on my paycheck, and I’m concerned”

In fact, my boss’ secretary had no clue what I was talking about until I explained to him what I expected to happen.

I finally got an email from the Grants Manager of my University thanking me for following up on it, and saying that she would retroactively fix my salary starting from July 1st. So I’m not sure what that means. I’m very hesitant to take out money because I’m not sure if I’m going to be getting MORE money or they’re going to be TAKING money. It is very confusing. I’m also not sure whether the taxes are going to stand or not. It isn’t very clear. I’m also not sure what will happen to the money they gave me for retirement, since I’ll probably not be receiving this anymore.

Let me tell you, it is REALLY hard to budget yourself when you have NO IDEA what could be happening in terms of your money for the next few weeks. Hopefully though I won’t have any problems and they’ll just be GIVING me more money. Who the hell knows at this point. It is a cluster-f*ck that should have been taken care of about 8 weeks ago. At least I have my (NOW) $903 emergency fund to fall back on if the money goes crazy, but I doubt that it will get too bad. As long as they don’t start taking money out of my account I should be fine.

2 Responses to Pay Check Mess

  1. Jessie says:

    wow, that sounds stressfull! I hope it works out okay!

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