Value Shopping

I realized today that I do something when I’m shopping that most people might not do.

I value shop.

What I mean by this is that, when I go to the store to buy something, I put a value in my mind of how much I’m willing to pay for an item. And I don’t pay over it.

For instance, when I really want a movie, I might say something like “That movie is worth $10 to me”. Then I go shopping for said movie. If I can find it for under $10 I’ll buy it. If I can’t (even my 50 cents!) I won’t.

I realized when I was dating Cpt. Baseball that this wasn’t something that every one did. One time we went to Target so he could get tweezers. He was SHOCKED by the number of tweezer choices ranging in price from $2 to $15. He didn’t know which one to pick. So I simply asked him: What is a pair of tweezers worth to you? He said: “Well I imagined I would spend around $4.” So he ended up getting the pair of $3.98 tweezers. They were the best within the value he was willing to pay for it.

I do this when grocery shopping as well. I LOVE CANNED CHILI. But I absolutely, REFUSE to pay more than $1 per can for it. I’ve thought about making my shopping list in terms of what value of willing to pay for something.

Chili – $1
Squash – $1.50/lb
Eggs – $1/dozen

ect, ect…

What items do you value shop? Or do you value shop? I find I do this all the time at grocery stores and at Target. However, where I FAIL completely is with clothes. I end up talking myself INTO the higher price point than paying the value price. =)


5 Responses to Value Shopping

  1. MPP says:

    Yeah I definitely value shop all the time. I feel like I’ve become so conscious that I talk to myself in stores. I say things like “Nope. If you buy that then you’ll have $50 less to contribute to your savings.” Or: “In one year will I still wear/use this?” I think I’m going crazy sometimes….

    A very unrelated question: How do you like WordPress compared to Blogger? 🙂

    • SS4BC says:

      I liked Blogger better really. It was easier to use and customize (for free).

      I also liked the options that I had with the blogroll on Blogger.

      However, for pre-made templates, WordPress has much better options. =)

  2. Jessie says:

    wow, I haven’t ever done that before. It sounds like a really neat concept. I think I’ll try to do that, determine what the value to me is before I look at the prices! Great tip!!

  3. TMcImmy says:

    “Predictably Irrational” has a chapter sort of dealing with this exact behavior. Most people don’t think about how much something is worth to them relative to other things and then decide “yes/no” based on price. They are far more likely to look at the price point and be influenced by that.

    Retailers take advantage of this. An example would be the electric toothbrush I bought recently. Target had a high end model for $80. They also had one with only a few less features for $40. Not many people will actually buy the $80 model when it is sitting next to the $40 model. However, people will perceive the $40 model as a very good deal, especially outside of any other price comparison.

    Since it was target and it was on sale anyways, that $40 actually was a good deal, and within what I was willing to spend. But I’m sure there were plenty of people happy with their $2 toothbrush that might have been convinced to splurge on the perceived value created by the $80 model.

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