I Feel Stagnant

I keep thinking about my financial situation and it is really hard knowing that each month I only get paid once. The time from the beginning of the month to the end is so long and so many things can go wrong!

I get all these ideas in the middle of the month for what I can do with my next paycheck – and then by the time the next month comes I’m just f’n glad to have money. The end of the month is just so damn hard: just waiting to get paid!

It will be nice having my money for teaching every two weeks.

I’m debating using this money (~$150/week) as my sole spending money for the month and put all of my other income from my day job on my credit card – or to go about my original plan of just having $100/week budget with a $100 reserve and put all of my teaching money onto the credit card.

I like the idea of my discretionary living expenses being paid exclusively from my second income, but am not sure if I’ll actually be able to implement this effectively every month.

In other news, Mr Cousin and I went hiking this weekend and I picked about $40 worth of Chanterelle mushrooms. Granted, I won’t get money for them, but they are tasty and delicious and now I don’t have to buy them at the Farmer’s Market. I’m planning on going back to the same area next week with a big sack and picking up even more, then posting an add on Craig’s List or maybe even selling them myself at the Farmer’s market. They go for about $8 for a box the size of a small Strawberry container – I picked twice that within the first 10 minutes of our hike and had to leave a whole bunch in the wilderness! I’m not sure if I will be able to sell them. But if nothing else I can always freeze them and have delicious Chanterelle mushrooms all winter long.

Anyone out there know anything about freezing mushrooms or squash or bell peppers? As the summer comes to a close I want to stock up on the vegetables that I love so that I can have enough for the entire winter and not have to pay ridiculous prices for crappy produce over the winter months.


5 Responses to I Feel Stagnant

  1. Jessie says:

    This website has some great tips on vegetable freezing:

    .. on another note, i don’t know if I could stand getting one paycheck a month, I think it would be very challenging to balance things.

  2. SS4BC says:

    Thanks for the link! That is really helpful. =)

    It is very challenging and very good at the same time. I don’t have to worry about budgeting my bills for two different payments. I just pay all of my bills at the beginning of the month, no matter when in the month the due date is. But at the same time it requires a LOT of self-control not to blow it all in the first two weeks and then live like a miser the last two. You’d think that after 7 years of getting paid like this I would have it figured out – but I sure don’t!

  3. I agree with the getting paid once per month being a blessing and a curse. I love just having one horrible day (payday) when I pay all my bills and then forget about them for another 30 days. But it would be so nice to get a 2nd influx of cash mid-month. But being in academia, I guess this is just how things are going to go. I’m used to it, so I find it weird when people say that they get paid more than once per month.

  4. MPP says:

    Oooh I feel your pain! I am just barely making it with one week until the paycheck. I think that plan sounds good. Have you thought about using just cash for your discretionary expenses? I personally have a hard time keeping track of where my cash goes (debit card is easier) but the beauty of it is when it’s gone, it’s gone and you’re not as tempted to spend more. One more week!! We can do it!

  5. Debt Ninja says:

    Gettin’ paid once a month will definitely force you to stick to a budget. It’s definitely not as convenient as multiple paychecks, but I have faith (pun intended) that you will be able to work things out!

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