Tarot Cards

I don’t typically dabble much into mysticism. Okay, fine, at all. I don’t really believe in fortune telling or horoscopes. But last night Okturn Delmoniq and I played around with tarot cards. It was a lot of fun, and very interesting. I thought of my questions as I shuffled the cards and was sure not to tell Okturn my question until he was finished the reading – to try to make it very unbiased. (Or at least as unbiased as possible considering what a good friend of mine he is). 😉

The first question that I asked was about whether I should apply for a job that has been posted at a school I’d like to be at in an area of the country that I’d like to live. And low and behold the cards showed that I was afraid of change, there was some problems blocking me from getting there in a creative nature (true, I am totally stumped on independent research ideas right now), also a man who was blocking me (this would definitely be true in my case, my old boss and his blah letter of recommendation), some government obligations that were in my way (also true with my new grant), and that I would need to act quickly if I wanted to do it (also true, the application is due in October). It was a little weird to how much the “cards” agreed with a general story, even though we were just reading things out of a book.

I then asked if I would eve get married. And the cards weren’t as powerful that came up. And Okturn immediately commented that this question wasn’t as important to me than the first one – just by looking at the cards – and truly, it isn’t. The cards were reading that I had a lot of delusions about relationships and control issues – which is also surprisingly true. Not that I am controlling of the other person as much as I don’t like losing control. Kinda strange.

The last question I asked was if i would lead a happy life. And again the cards were strong – indicating that the question I was asking was an important one. And to me, it is, very important. As I would have expected, the cards signified that I had a troublesome past that threatened to ruin the future. And that I’d have to make a complete change in order for my question to happen. Considering that I run most of my life on the fear of death (I lost my mother at 19 and my brother at 24, death really scares me a lot – losing someone close to me even more-so), I’m not surprised that I’d have to change how I face life in order to be happy.

I know that really any reading can be applied to any situation – you just pull out the bits and pieces that are applicable to you and keep them. But what I wasn’t expecting was the fact that the real benefit to the reading was to make me THINK about the situation and see if what the cards were saying was true or not. And, just thinking about it seemed to make things a little clearer, even if I still don’t believe in mysticism. =)


2 Responses to Tarot Cards

  1. Jessie says:

    that’s a great way to lookg at it – that you were able to think about those things maybe in a different way because of what you saw in the cards. very cool!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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