Another Expensive Weekend

Apparently I need to stop putting the blame on others for my expensive spending habits and start taking responsibility for my own actions.

Here is how I did this weekend:

Promptcare Copay – $40 (It’s a long story, but lets just say it involved my previous post)
Bicycle Garage – $66.03 (Fixed my bike so I can ride it to work rather than take my car)
Lunch – $9.44 (Visitors in town)

Starbucks – $3.80 (Breakfast)
Bar crawl – $7.00 (Once a year the chemistry department does this, I kept myself to 2 drinks)
Lunch – $4.54 (Worked all day in lab and hadn’t cooked the night before)
Dinner – $1.69 (Taco Bell after the bar crawl)

Grocery store – $31.89 (groceries for 4 meals this week, pupcakes and cupcakes for Puppy bday party with lab)
Liquor store – $8.55 (6 pack for Puppy bday party)
Lunch – $17.12 (lunch for Mr. Cousin date)

Total: $190.06

Wow, that is a hefty chunk of change for 3 days. Sure the $66 for the bike isn’t an “everyday” sort of thing, but I’m still including it in here. I spent a lot of money on “fun expenses” this weekend, so I’ll need to keep things free and mellow for a while. Thankfully I’ll be going to see Okturn Delmoniq this weekend and the weekend after, so we can have some frugal fun together – and then a conference the week after where all my food will be paid for. However – there will be some costs that I’ll need to pay out while at the conference:

Remaining $$$ after this weekend: $482

Parking – $6/day for 10 days – $60 (+taxes and surcharges – should get reimbursed, but can’t count on that money)
Dog boarding – $20/day for 12 days – $240 (this will not be reimbursed, but it worth it for a trip to see Okturn)
ACS registration – $72

Remaining after conference expenses: $110 for 2 weeks

I have a little bit of “reserve” money in my bill accounts that I’ll be able to move over if I need it, so really I’ll have about $150-$175 for 2 weeks. This is completely reasonable. However, it doesn’t look like I’ll get to buy my plane tickets for Thanksgiving or for Christmas this month unless I pull out of my E-fund. But, since I HAVE to buy the tickets perhaps I’ll be saving money in the long run by borrowing against that account now to get cheaper tickets. At least… that seems reasonable.


3 Responses to Another Expensive Weekend

  1. ODM says:

    WOO! We’re going to have so much frugal fun you’ll shit! =)



  2. I’m a bit slow this week, but I found you! 🙂 Glad to see you’re still around and I look forward to reading more. Will go and update the blogroll right now.

    Oh, and try using Bing travel for your flight information. It’s great because it recommends whether you should buy now or wait for a better offer on flights. That’s what I used to grab a plane ticket.

    • SS4BC says:

      Wow, what a great recommendation! I went and saw that my flights for Christmas are already more expensive (bummer) but my ticket for Thanksgiving is cheaper. I’m still torn though because I’d rather be with family for Christmas than Thanksgiving. However, I have to be money conscious here.

      Thanks for the link… I will DEFINITELY use that in the future! It is awesome! =D

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