Update on Fitness Goals

I’m not going to lie, after the first day for doing my push up/situp/ squat challenge I didn’t do anymore. Why? Well… I sorta just got BUSY with life. I know this is no excuse, and thus I’m RESTARTING TONIGHT!

However, I’ve done GREAT at cutting out sodas and Rockstar. In fact, drinking just water and tea (in the morning) has been going fantastically. Also, I haven’t taken the elevator like it is nobody’s business. I once started to take it up to my third floor lab, but stopped and turned around and went up the stairs after I pressed the button. So far so good there!

I also picked up my bike on Friday from the shop and have started ridding it to and from work. The route is only a mile long, but a little hilly. I can feel how out of shape I am – especially with the computer on my back – but it definitely just makes me want to have MORE WATER when I get into work. Which is a great thing. I’ll be posting my “official” weigh-in soon so you can see how the progress is going. So far so good, I’d say.

I’ve learned that it is MUCH easier to get myself to NOT do something than to start something new. For instance, it is easy to NOT drink a soda or NOT take the elevator than it is to START exercising. Does anyone else have this problem?


One Response to Update on Fitness Goals

  1. Red says:

    Ha! That’s a very interesting observation! I think I’m probably the same way, as I have no problem NOT drinking soda, but it’s hard for me to START eating healthy. I do better just to cut things out in small doses.

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