Buying Lust

The past few weeks I’ve just been thinking about all of the things I would buy it I had the money. (Or what I would buy on credit if it was 10 months ago)

I really, really, really want this bike. I think it is fantastic.

It is unfortunately around $650, and with the accessories that I would want (saddlebags) it would bump it up to over $700. I OBVIOUSLY don’t have the money for this, but I want to so badly. The salesman at the store made a point of noting that it was 0% interest for 6 months. And the old me would have gone for it. But I’m not going to do it. I don’t NEED the bike – I WANT the bike. If I find that I NEED a hybrid bike there are plenty of $50-100 options that I can get in the short term until I’ve saved enough money for the nicer one.

The other thing I’ve been lusting after and really, really wanting is a Netbook. I don’t even want a super fancy one. Just one that is around $250. I’d like to be able to leave my computer at work and have the Netbook at home and just carry a jump drive back and forth if I need to work at home. However, all I use my computer for at home (typically) is websurfing and MAYBE editing photos. I can totally do this on a Netbook.

This would have been fantastic to take on my trip with me to Europe and I definitely will budget the purchase of one of these into my next vacation savings.

The last thing I want is just a variation of something that I need to get. And that is a new vacuum. Mine died two months after I moved here. And one of my labmates gave me his after that happened since he and his wife bought a new (nicer) one. Well, the “new to me” one up and died 3 weeks ago. And I need to vacuum – and I need a vacuum to do so. Part of me doesn’t want to spend $150 of a vacuum that I’m just going to feel “okay” with – and wants that $150 to go to something AWESOME – like part of the money for a new DYSON ANIMAL!!!

So… consider this my buying lust confessional. If I had an unlimited amount of money or if this were 1-2 years ago – I would be buying these things. Because I want them. But want isn’t need, and needing AN object doesn’t mean you need the high end object. I mean, I can get myself a decent used bike and vacuum on Craigslist for significantly less. And a Netbook? Well, I don’t NEED it now, I just WANT it now. In fact, I don’t ever NEED it, I would just like it a WHOLE LOT!


7 Responses to Buying Lust

  1. hustler says:

    I also need a vacuum since mine is beyond repair. And I've had my eye on a netbook for a while now. I also see on your "swidget" that you have 406 swagbucks! How the crap did you do that?!?! I have 44 One more and I can get the amazon gift card!

  2. SS4BC says:

    Re: SwagbucksI've also cashed in about 800 into gift cards.How? Referrals. I got all of my coworkers to join under my name. I get the first 100 that they earn.I also post about in on Facebook and here probably every other month. Enough that I get some people to join but not enough that I bother anyone with it. =)I also use it as my default search engine, so I get 3-4 a day on my own searching.ALSO, with the swidget you can check to see if there is a Swagcode out. So every time I come to my blog I check. I end up getting 1 extra SB every other day because of this. So, they add up. =)My goal is to pay for all of my Christmas shopping with my Swagbucks. Here's hoping!

  3. hustler says:

    That's such a good idea. I do a lot of my christmas shopping on amazon anyway. btw, I just got another swagbuck so I can get my first amazon gift card!!!

  4. Money Funk says:

    Right. You WANT. Have you tried Freecycle? I'm sure you could 'WANTED: Vacuum' and something would come up.

    Love that bike. It is a nice find. But not within the budget.

    Glad to know you've come to the realization between WANTS and NEEDS. Its a good step up the financial control ladder.

  5. FB @ says:

    Netbooks are all that and a bag of chips

    I'm bringing mine to Europe 🙂

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