Is Anyone Else…

Just DYING for Friday?

OMG it can’t come soon enough. I want to pay my bills, I want to update my status bars, I want to have a replenished stock of money at my disposal.

I have some expenses that I’ll have to make this month:

1) Boarding for Jack while I’m at the conference and visiting Okturn Delmoniq ($75-200)
2) Renew my American Chemical Society membership (~$70)
3) Buy plane tickets for Thanksgiving. (~$330)

I’ve been thinking about it a bit, and I may just go see my grandma at Christmas instead of Thanksgiving. I went and saw her last year for Thanksgiving and that was nice, but then I didn’t do anything at Christmas time and that was really lonely. Also, it is MUCH more acceptable to take time off for 2-3 weeks at Christmas than 1 week at Thanksgiving. Also… I can arrange the days such that I can fly in and out when it is cheapest. I’ll see what she thinks about this plan. It also allows me to put off buying the tickets for another month. 😉

Also, I can do a multi-city vacation and fly into Phoenix and see my dad and then either rent a car and go to San Diego to see my friends and sister and then up to my grandma’s – and fly out of there. Or do another one way from Phoenix to my grandma’s. Whichever one works better/is more economical. Also, if I’m flying out to see my dad and sister I don’t feel as obligated to spend as much money on them because my presence is gift enough, right? RIGHT?

OUCH… upon doing some orbitz searching and flight pricing… flying at Christmas time will be WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! So I’ll just have to pony up and take off Thanksgiving and work through Christmas again. It will save me money on boarding Jack anyway.


2 Responses to Is Anyone Else…

  1. Okturn DelMoniq says:

    (1) Can you get work to pay for your ACS dues? That's what I do.

    (2) Working through Christmas is great, because hardly anyone is around and you can get so much done. I really like having the lab pretty much to myself.

    (3) Or you could come visit me again. =)

  2. Dr. Faith says:

    1) I don't really want to ask actually, because I've paid it on my own for so long. It isn't a lot since I'm still on a student membership since I haven't been to a meeting since I was a graduate student.

    2) I also like working through Christmas, but for the same amount of money I've figured out that I can go to San Diego for 5 days and my grandma for 5 days around Christmas. This seems like an awesome deal to me.

    3) I could!!

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