Challenge Results!

So the results are in and here is how I faired:

  • Squats: 33

    • As I said before, I stopped not because my leg muscles were giving out but because my knee was feeling uncomfortable. I think it is better to do less and get the body used to the work than to force myself to keep going.
    • Doing 33 puts me in the “average” category, nearly “good” – I feel okay with this.

  • Push ups: 15

    • I did these with my knees on the ground. And they still sucked. I got through 15 and was wanting to quit at 8. I hate push ups so much, but my shoulders feel SO GOOD when I finish doing them.
    • Doing 15 puts me in Level 3 for push ups – which isn’t the best but it isn’t the worst. I’d excited to get to 100 on these – I can’t even imagine this happening right now. Bring it on 6 weeks!

  • Sit ups: 36

    • I stopped a couple times for a quick 5 second “breather” during these 36. I thought I would be able to at least get to 50, but was forcing myself to finish the last 6 that I did.
    • My performance here puts me in the “Poor” category – obviously I need to get my abs into gear!

So here is the plan for Week 1.

Day 1:
Squats: 16, 22, 17, 17, max (min 22)
Push ups: 10, 12, 7, 7, max (min 9)
Sit ups: 18, 25, 19, 19, max (min 25)

Day 2:
Squats: 19, 25, 19, 19, max (min 25)
Push ups: 10, 12, 8, 8, max (min 12)
Sit ups: 21, 28, 21, 21, max (min 28)

Day 3:
Squats: 22, 29, 20, 21, max (min 29)
Push ups: 11, 15, 9, 9, max (min 13)
Sit ups: 24, 32, 23, 23, max (min 32)


2 Responses to Challenge Results!

  1. myprettypennies says:

    Wow, that's great! Keep it up!

    I too hate push ups. Have you ever tried yoga? I find the "plank position" gives you the push-up results without having to actually do them. 😉 If you want a good yoga video, try the Biggest Loser Yoga. But beware: it's not a relaxing, calming yoga experience–he will kick your butt.

  2. SS4BC says:

    I have tried yoga – and hated it. Mainly because I am SOOOOO inflexible it is ridiculous (I attribute this to years of running).I am very familiar with the plank position though, as I have taken tons of "Core" strengthening classes in my past. I actually considered doing 1-2 minute plank sets in exchange for both the abs and the push ups since it works both, but decided to go for the challenge instead.Thanks for the suggestion on the Biggest Loser Yoga – that actually sounds like something I'd enjoy. I'll see if I can YouTube a clip to get a feel for it. =D

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