Some Recipes!

So, since I’m going to be exploring into the world of cooking for myself, I decided to let you guys know what recipes I’m going to try and how they go.

I mentioned previously that I got a bunch of Anaheim Peppers at the Farmer’s Market.

I’ve decided to try this recipe for cooking them. I LOVE chili rellanos. So if I can find a recipe for them that I enjoy I’m all about that. I like that I can make a batch and then cook them up separately as I want to eat them. That is a definite benefit for someone who is cooking for one. =)

I also love Eggplant Parmesan – so I’ll do some sort of variation of this recipe. BTW.. Anyone else notice how this Eggplant Parmesan recipe has no Parmesan cheese in it? hehehe…

Anyway, for the rest of my meals I’ll probably do so chicken/squash/bell pepper stir fry and then converting the left overs from that into fried rice. I also bought some chili sauce and soy sauce so I can make these dishes spicy and delicious! =)

Yah, you read that right, I had to buy myself some soy sauce. Did I also mention I had to buy salt, pepper, and butter? The ONLY cooking “necessity” that I have ever found important to buy has been olive oil – because the only thing I normally do is heat canned food up or sautee vegetables. =)

The next month should be interesting and hopefully delicious!


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