Blog Inspiration from Dawn at Fighting Foreclosure

I’ve been reading through Dawn’s blog Fighting Foreclosure for probably around an hour now and have found myself so inspired. First her personal stories about how she got in her situation and also her lofty goal of getting $900 extra per month to keep her afloat.

But I’m not going to lie, the thing that struck me the most about her story was her food budget – $125/month.


My budget is over twice this and I STILL go over just about every month.

And really, there isn’t any good reason for that.

Well, I have my own personal reason that I hate cooking, but honestly that isn’t a very good reason. I’m pretty sure that it if I drafted up a pretty good plan that I could go an entire month on $200. (I’d like to say $125, but lets be honest here, that is pretty rough and I wouldn’t want to set myself up with a goal that I may not be able to reach)

So, I suppose this is a SS4BC self-challenge:
Can I keep a dining budget of $200 for a month?

Now, I’d like to say that I’ll do this for August, but I have to let you in on a secret. I’m going to be visiting my dear friend Okturn Delmoniq in August because I’ll be going to a conference near him. While at the conference all my food will be paid for. So really, the $200 won’t be for the full 31 days in August, but for 26 days. That means that I’ll allot myself 83% of the $200 (since I’ll only have to pay for 83% of the days). With a little bit of rounding for simplicity sake (i.e. give me a few extra dollars) I’ll have an astounding $170 to spend on groceries and food in August. (OMG… I think my heart just skipped a little… seems like so little…)

I’ll spend the next 2 weeks this month finding some recipes that I think will be good and looking for some good coupons for nights when I only want to heat something up real fast (i.e. canned chili or soup).

I’m thinking making a giant shopping trip at the beginning of the month for the major items (rice, beans, spices, meats, ect) and then another each week (perhaps at the farmer’s market) to pick up any fresh veggies I may need. Also, I liked Dawn’s suggestion of finding recipes that had similar ingredients so that you don’t need 3 different types of meats and lots of different spices. Smart… that is using your noggin. 😉 (I’ve spent the last few minutes trying to find where on her blog she said she did this so that I could link to it, but I’m at a loss, perhaps I’m making up the memory or perhaps I just spent so long on the blog that it is all blurring together or perhaps I read it elsewhere.. at this point it is anyone’s guess)

Also, I’m pretty sure this whole plan means no Rockstars and no eating out… eek… We’ll see how this all goes!

An Hour Later Note….
So I’m going through her blog some more and it turns out that Dawn spends $125 on groceries and $100 on dining out. So her total budget is $225 for food per month. This seems much more “sane” to me (and closer to my original monthly budget of $300/month) – that said – I’m still going to try to get by on my $170 in a month. I may not make it, but I’m sure I’ll learn a thing or two in the process!


One Response to Blog Inspiration from Dawn at Fighting Foreclosure

  1. Okturn DelMoniq says:

    YAY! You're gonna visit me! =)

    And canned chili + Dr. Faith always makes me think of Sex and the City. LOL.

    And honestly, now I want to see how much money I spend on food per month. $125 seems reasonable to me, but I could be spending $400/month; I have no idea. I'm also a freak who rarely eats breakfast or dinner, so 90% of my food is lunch and snacks at work.

    What has saved me lot recently is the discovery that my new crack (Powerade Ion) that is $3/bottle at the store by work or 7-11 is only $0.77 at Target or $0.88 at the grocery store. I bought 10 bottles today for LESS than what it would cost me to get 3 bottles at 7-11!

    Now, I need to figure out my June food money. (I feel another blog post coming on.)

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