Tons of Posting! – Vacation with my Sister

Right now my sister is 16. In 2 years she’ll graduate high school. While I was in Europe the past few weeks I kept thinking about her and about how much she would have enjoyed the whole trip.

So after thinking about it, I decided that when she graduates I’m going to take her on a vacation, just the two of us. Hostels and backpacking and the whole nine yards. I’ll make up a budget (probably around $4-5,000 for the two of us) and we’ll plan a trip for however long we can go on that budget. I told her that she can choose where, so obviously if we go somewhere cheaper we can stay longer and if she chooses somewhere more expensive we’ll stay shorter. It doesn’t matter, wherever she wants is where we’ll go.

She immediately offered up Italy (which wasn’t terribly surprising) and then Australia. I’d love to go to both places, but I wouldn’t go to Australia unless I was scuba diving (we’re both certified and I’m a dive master). However, I would be able to get a round trip airfare ticket to Australia in miles on my Hawaiian Airlines card by then, so it IS something to consider.

I haven’t thought through all of the details, but I’ll probably put some loose constraints on the trip: 1) She has to graduate with a 3.5 GPA and 2) she’ll need to earn/save some of the money (like $500 or so, not too much that she can’t do it but enough that it will be something that she’ll have to work towards). She has a job now that she’s probably getting $10/hr at, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect her to save that much in 2 years. And I’ll want to make sure that the parents know that it is money that SHE earns, not that they give her. Kinda getting her used to the idea of saving for something that she wants before she heads off to college.

I know it is silly to start planning the next vacation before the photos for the last one are even up, but I had such a great time and next time I want to share it with someone that I love, and that person is my sister.


One Response to Tons of Posting! – Vacation with my Sister

  1. Okturn DelMoniq says:

    I 100% whole-heartedly approve of this plan. =)

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