Living On The Edge

I’ve posted before about living on my means – i.e. spending less than what I earn.

I was on Quicken Online today to get a look at how my finances looked recently (I hadn’t checked it in a few months actually, because they just send me email reminders when I’m getting close on my budget.

I looked at my progress for the entire year and low and behold, I’ve spent $12 less this year than what I’ve made. $12. That’s my difference. That is the fine tip of the sword that I live on. The difference between me and going negative is $12. It isn’t terribly surprising. And while I like having Quicken Online, I don’t like that I can’t tell it when I get paid and when to start my months. Or what bills should go to what paycheck. While in the long run it doesn’t matter, is does in a “that month” way. Perhaps is better, but having two programs tracking my money just seems senseless.


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