A Few Things of Interest

1) I turned in my paperwork for the community college in town. So I’m “officially” an employee, though I don’t have a class or an official offer letter yet. When the chair gets approval through the dean to add another class section that will go to me. Here’s hoping they’ll get approval. Otherwise I’ll definitely get a class in the Spring semester, but that is SO FAR away. The payrate is around $36/ contact hour and I’ll get paid twice a month. I’ll probably get around $200 each paycheck. Which seems like so little, but at the same time that is net after taxes and is for only 8 hours of work. I’d have to work 20 hours to get that through Tutor.com. I’m still debating quitting Tutor.com or not. I haven’t had a tutoring session since May (by choice), but it is the tutoring off-season so no one there really cares. If I knew that the adjunct thing would be EVERY semester from here on out I would definitely quit Tutor.com, but since I don’t know if I’ll still be teaching in the Spring or the Summer after that I’d like to keep my ‘second job’ options open.

2) I’m taking Jack in for his 1 year check up tomorrow. I can’t believe that he’s already a year old! He’s due for all of his shots in October though. I really need to think about saving up some money for this because it isn’t going to be cheap. If I get everything I need for the next year for him it will cost me almost $300. For just vaccinations and a 3-month supply of his medications (flea and tick and heartworm) it will be $129. I’ll probably just get a 6 month supply of everything. Either way, it isn’t going to be just a $35 visit like it was this month (heartworm meds until october).

3) I found out that my mail is missing because my mail man sent ALL of my mail back to their senders after I didn’t check my mail for 3 weeks. I’m not sure why he thought that was better than just holding the mail, but that’s what he did. I’m kinda annoyed, but there isn’t much I can do about that now. So I’ll just need to make sure that all my stuff comes this month and I’ll just have to update everything for August rather than July. No biggie in the long run I guess, just kind of annoying. I may still call my major bills and have them send me another statement just to be sure.


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