Sex and the Wallet

Perhaps this is considered a taboo topic – but I’ve been thinking a lot about this for a while. Not sex specifically, but spending money on sex. There are a number of ways that people, in general, spend money on sex. It is typically a part of our budget that we may gloss over or ignore, because, well, it isn’t “polite” in mixed company.

So I wanted to reflect on ways that we spend money on sex and ways that we can save money on sex.

Birth Control
We, the American people, spend a lot of money on birth control. I was on the pill for quite a while. In college I was on my parent’s insurance and was able to get the BC pill for a quiet copay of $35/month. That’s the same price I pay for the internet. Once I got to graduate school I was able to get the school insurance policy for only $10/month. MUCH more affordable.

After I broke up with my boyfriend of nearly 5 years, I decided to go off birth control. The main reason for this wasn’t financial, but rather physical. My mother passed away in 2000 from breast cancer and I decided (with honestly, no evidence) that taking hormones monthly may not be the best thing for a female with a history of breast cancer in her family to do. I’ve been 100% condoms since then.

Condoms themselves are only relatively expensive based on how much sex you have. If you think about it, the cost of birth control would be $35/# of times you have sex. So if you have sex 3 times a week, or 12 times a month… you’re getting your money out of your birth control pill by paying ~$3 per sexual intercourse. If you buy a pack of 24 condoms for $16 (I’m going off the price of the condoms that Mr. Baseball and I use at’s price), then you’re paying $1.50 each time you have sex. So, unless you’re having sex 23 times a month or more, it is more cost efficient to use condoms. But this isn’t a lecture or a comment on what YOU should personally use, just some math on birth control options.

I personally don’t spend a lot (any) of money on porn. But I know there are people who do. In fact, there are a lot of people to do. First, I think it goes without saying that you CAN find free porn on the internet. There are of course streaming websites such as YouPorn and RedTube that you can get free porn videos on. These are typically not very long or involved, and sometimes you’ll have to dig for a while to find something that… ummm… interests you. If you’re someone that simply just HAS to buy porn because you just love the “thrill” of having your own porn. I’d suggest doing in through eBAY. Buy your porn, turn it over, recover some of the money.

I bought my first sex toy at the ripe ole age of 18 years old. I have quite the collection, but at the end of the day (literally) there is only one toy that I got back to. Ever. The others just don’t even come close. Buying a toy for one’s self is kinda like buying a DVD player. You can buy the $20 cheap DVD player at Target on super special. Buy likely, it will scratch your DVDs, it will die within 6 months, and the remote will only work if you point it at the perfect angle. Well, that’s the same thing with you $20 toy. Let me just say this: Save yourself the trouble of wondering if something else better is out there (and spending more money on that) and save yourself the trouble of buying a new toy every year since yours keeps breaking. BUY YOURSELF A REAL RABBIT.

While we’re on the subject of toys, let me just throw this out there, I spend probably 100s of dollars on batteries. (I know how this sounds, but just hear me out) Toys take batteries, and they suck power like no one’s business. When I was using regular batteries I would have to replace four of them a month. That adds up. Do yourself a favor and invest in a rechargable battery charger and batteries. In fact, switch over ALL your batteries in your house (remotes, toys, whatever) to rechargable. The landfills will thank you and so will your wallet. =)

Sexy Clothes
Victoria’s Secret and Fredrick’s of Hollywood tell us that we should absolutely buy tons of sexy lingerie. When I was younger I used to buy this shit all the time. Spend $50 a pop and wear it 3 times. Now, don’t get me wrong, those were 3 really awesome times. But absolutely, positively, not worth it. I also have a pair of ridiculous thigh-high lace up black patent leather boots in my closet that I have NEVER worn (mainly because it takes 2 people to get these bad boys ON, and who is that second person going to be? huh? EXACTLY!) What a WASTE! First, if you absolutely have to and want to buy a little sexy something make sure you get it on sale or get it at a less expensive store like Target or the like. Make sure that you get on Victoria’s Secret mailing list. I get a coupon in the month for a free pair of panties and $10 off any bra in the story. A sexy little bra and a cute pair of panties could be just the “umph” that you need to feel beautiful. =)

Also, keep in mind, that a strip tease with a nice bra and panties is typically just as awesome as some sexy lingerie you’ll wear for 40 seconds. Or perhaps wearing just one of his ties and some boxers. Or even try being a little daring like wearing one of your favorite skirts without any underwear and letting him know with a quiet whisper in public. Or how about just an apron while you serve him desert in bed. Remember, sexy is how you FEEL, not how much money you spend. There are lots of cheap lingerie options that don’t hurt your wallet and creativity can go a long way.


10 Responses to Sex and the Wallet

  1. FB @ says:

    WELL SAID. 🙂

    Esp the bit about a good sex toy. I don't even own one.. :\ but I can imagine it to be something you'd want to be of the highest quality

    I mean, cheap plastic or rubber inside of you? No thanks. I don't want any chemicals leaking all over the place or poisoning me..

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    holy work appropriate batman! good article, less graphic pictures 🙂

  4. Okturn DelMoniq says:

    Leave it to you to post an article about the financial aspects of sex and related issues. Good job!

    Speaking as someone who has spent THOUSANDS of dollars on porn (VHS, DVDs, online subscriptions), this is definitely something worthy of noting.

    One thing you left out is lube. Although, not knowing much about the female side of things, I don't know how much one should budget for lube.

    Another good site for some free internet porn is xTube. It's pretty much user submitted videos and some edited clips from pay sites. But it's pretty good.

    One thing that got me way in debt, a bulk of my grad school credit card balance, was porn. And what a waste, because 99% of it sits in boxes in my closet in boxes not being watched.

    Nowadays, I don't bother. I'm old, it's too expensive, and I basically have free stuff on the internet. If only I had learned that 10 years ago.

    Anyway, good post. I hope your enjoying your vacation. =)

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Bouncing Back says:

    Great post! Glad you had the guts to put it out there!

  7. Nelson says:

    This post is what blogging is all about. It was original, interesting and created a stir. I take my hat off to you SS4BC.Also, I enjoyed the comment about how the pictures were too racy. Where does that person work? A church?Okturn- You poor bastard. I've never spent a penny on porn. I have bought a girlfriend some nice lingerie, but that's about it.

  8. SS4BC says:

    Nelson, the original picture of the rabbit… well… let's just say it wasn't a little furry animal. =)

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  10. Red says:

    LOVE THIS! You totally nailed the bit about porn. I was trying to entice a boyfriend who was less-than-enticed by sex (We’re talking once a month IF I BEGGED!), so I went to a sex shop hoping to find some sexy porn. Um, no, I’m not paying close to $100 for ONE DVD! I was shocked to say the least.

    And I’m glad you love your rabbit. I’ve been considering the investment for quite some time, but for now I don’t self-pleasure enough to really justify it. My bullet will suffice for now. (We like toys that are fun for both of us. Still dreaming about a Rabbit.)

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