Vacation: Final Numbers

I’ve been going through my money and it looks like these are the final values of what I’ll have for the trip:


Not too shabby, very close to my $2,500 goal. I’m pretty happy about that all around. I made it 85% of the way to my “comfort” savings goal. I have already converted $1,100 of this into Euros for the trip. I’ve bought plane tickets with $250 of it. I’ve paid for the cat sitter with another $126 of the money. I’ll be giving $260 to Cpt. Baseball to take care of Jack. The rest of the money I’ll try to convert to Euros before I leave and if I can’t in time (I’ll be really cutting it close, the money will get into my Chase account on Tuesday and it takes 2 days to turn it into Euros at no fee) I’ll put it into my BofA account. I’ll use the BofA account because I can use the Deutsche Bank for no fee in Germany.

This still doesn’t include any money that I’ll have left over in my ING account which I’ll just directly put in my BofA account before I leave. That isn’t looking like it will be a whole lot though – maybe $100-200.

Anyway, I’ve done a great job of saving money for this trip. I hope I do just as good of job of putting all this extra money into first my emergency fund (going to build it up to at least $1,000) and then into my debt when I get back.


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