Packing List – Imput needed!

Still trying to figure out if I can get all of this into my backpack and computer bag:

For My Body
* 10 pairs of underwear
* 10 pairs of socks
* 1 pair of dressy pants (dark grey)
* 1 pair of jeans (worn on plane)
* 1 fancy dress (for dinner at the captain’s table)
* 1 pair fancy shoes, black (for dinner’s to dress up outfit)
* 1 pair of walking shoes (double as running shoes)
* 1 pair of flip flops (worn on plane, for pool on cruise and shower in hostels)
* 4 sun dresses for evening wear/romping around wear (can be dressed up with fancy shoes)
* 1 pair of shorts for underneath dresses (black lycra, keeps my inner thighs from chaffing – too much info there?)
* 4 shirts that are comfortable, but can be dressed up with my dress pants for dinner, must go with black dress shoes and grey pants
* 1 bathing suit
* 1 pajama bottom and tank top for sleeping
* 1 set of running clothes: pants, sports bra, tank top (potentially same as sleeping clothes, but that is kinda gross)
* 2 t-shirts (wear one on plane)
* 1 pair of shorts (Summer in Europe! I don’t want all pants! But first thing to go if I need room)
* 1 rain jacket (can be compacted VERY SMALL, got for backpacking purposes)
* 1 black/grey sweater for the evenings on boat (don’t own this, would need to buy it)

For My Entertainment
* Digital camera + case
* Camera battery charger with European converter
* Camera tripod (small, so that I can take pictures of myself)
* iPod
* Battery powered iPod charger
* Extra memory card for camera
* Two travel guides (Amsterdam and Brussels)
* Internet print offs of hostel locations, maps, itineraries, ect.
* Two books for reading on the planes/trains
* Cell phone charger and cell phone with extra battery

* Passport (duh)
* Wallet with Euros and credit cards and ID (don’t forget a student ID)
* Deodorant, shampoo, contact lens solution, contacts, glasses, sun screen, toothbrush, toothpaste
* Sunglasses
* Small, portal bag for “extras” if necessary going back
* Small, absorbent towel for hostels (optional, but they charge at the hostels)
* Small first aid kit

I’m going to be TRYING to fit all of this into this backpack from REI. (This isn’t the EXACT model, mine is 5 years old, but it is the equivalent one they sell today)

My other bag is a messenger bag, it looks like this… except it doesn’t have a shirtless man in it:

(Thanks Toothpaste for Dinner!)

Am I missing anything? Can you think of a good way for me to cut down on clothes when I have to pack for 10 days of cruising (ie semi-formal dinners) and 10 days of trotting around in Europe?

All suggestions thoroughly welcome.


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