Stressful Money Day

As of 8am this morning, I was already stressed out about finances.

Let me back up.

On the 1st I went to the management company of my apartment complex. I figured, while I’m paying this month’s rent I’ll give them next month’s as well.

So I asked them, very clearly, if I could give them the check for July’s rent. I also asked THREE TIMES, to make sure they would hold it until July 1st, because I didn’t have the money to pay rent twice in June. They were all “Sure, no problem! We do that all the time! We’ll just put your check with some other checks for July, and just post-date it so we’ll be sure not to cash it.”

Last night I got a text message that my account was overdrawn. WTF? This is my bill paying account. I calculate TO THE PENNY how much money I need for that account and put that much in + $50 (just in case some bill some month is higher than expected). There is NO REASON this account should EVER be overdrawn – unless someone made a mistake. And the only mistake that could be made was that the rent check was cashed. So I go check, and SURE ENOUGH, the idiots at the management office CASHED BY JULY RENT CHECK. After I SPECIFICALLY told them not to, asked them not to, and verified that they wouldn’t.


So now I have a $15 overdraft fee for this. I also have 3 more bills going through today, so I’ll get another $45 worth of overdraft fees for these, and it is too late to cancel the payments on them and send them through a different bank account. I’m just SO PISSED at my rental company. This isn’t the first time they have screwed me over monetarily. In fact, it would be the THIRD time. They’ve cost be about $800 in the last year and a half due to various bank fees that have been caused by their ineptitude to understand that people get paid AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MONTH and most people don’t have TWO MONTHS WORTH OF RENT just sitting around.

Anyway, needless to say, I’m pissed. Just livid. I’ve already sent them a nasty email and tried calling (but they weren’t open yet). I better hear back by 2pm or I’m going down there and shooting fire out of my nose I’m so angry. They’re costing me a lot of money because they can’t do ANYTHING RIGHT!

I did get this email back just now:
“We are so sorry. We all dropped the ball on this. We were accepting several June rent checks and your July payment got shuffled in the mix and when we dropped it in our bookkeepers box for posting she took all the checks to the bank and the teller didn’t catch that it was posted dated. If the funds weren’t available in your account the bank should return the item. We will reimburse you for the $15 NSF fee. We will
credit your rental account by $15. Again, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.”

I of course had to email her back saying that the bank was not going to return the check since I have overdraft protection so they just put it on my credit card. Anyway, I hate that I’ll end up paying probably $30 for this mistake. I may have to take all of my overdraft charges to them and get them to credit them to my account (which is fine since I owe them one month late fee from November anyway).

The second thing that is stressing me out today is my fellowship. My boss wants to activate it starting July 1st. Well that’s all fine and dandy and I can understand why he wants to do this. But I’m going to be OUT OF THE COUNTRY then. If anything goes wrong, I won’t be able to fix it. I could have ALL OF MY bills not go through, because I don’t have money, since they’re set for automatic payments.

I explained all of this to my boss and he just is reassuring me it will be fine. Apparently, this paycheck will go through on July 31st, even if it is activated for July 1st. I don’t know. I just seems way to risky to me. I’m very nervous because I can’t pay my bills otherwise! I’m tempted to change my direct deposits for July only so that it all goes to my billing account so that I won’t have to risk the money going somewhere that it shouldn’t. Gawd, I’m just nervous about a change in how I get paid while I’m out of the country for 3 weeks. I wish he would just be okay with the grant starting August 1st instead. =\


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