Mini-crisis Averted (sorta)

So after emailing my leasing company they apologized. Three emails later they have a check waiting for me to pick up. I’ll be going there this afternoon to get it. Since I can’t deposit checks to my BofA account (the account that I pay my bills through) I transferred the amount of the check from my Chase account to my BofA account. I’ll deposit the check to Chase and all should be (almost) good.

I say almost because I’ll probably get at least one more overdraft charge today for the 3 bills that are currently going through. Hopefully it will be only $15, but it may be up to $45. If it is only $15, then I’ll just eat it. If it is $45 I’ll fight it. This will be an “expensive” lesson to me NOT to TRUST that other people will get things right. I need to make sure that I also set up a situation where this can occur.

For instance, I probably should have just dropped the check off later in the month AFTER they deposit the June checks. That would have made a whole lot more sense and prevented this entire fiasco from occurring.

I’m just glad that it is getting resolved.


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