Stocks and Debt

I got my recent bill from my student loan and I’ve updated my status bar. My interest on this loan is so ridiculously low (around 3%) that I hardly have to pay anything towards the interest balance, which is really nice. I’m just getting by paying the minimums for now until I pay off my credit card debt. Once that is gone I’ll focus harder on the student loan debt. But hey, if all else fails it will be paid off in 10 years with my minimum payments. 😉

I decided to check up on my Bank of American stock to see how it is doing. I’m pleased to see that it is up to $10.98/share. That is a decent rebound from the $2 debacle of a few months ago. However, a year ago is was around $35/share. So it still has a lot of room to recover and I hope it does shortly. However, it is nice to see some recovery and I hope this trend continues. Now I have enough money in stocks that if I ABSOLUTELY needed more money than my emergency fund requires for a horrible emergency, I’d be able to get some and be “ok”. However, now that I have my emergency fund and it is growing every month, I don’t see that happening.

It feels so good to finally be approaching financial control, even if I’m not quite yet at financial stability. =)


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