Little Tid Bits

**I’m itching again for the beginning of the month. Right around the 20th I just start wishing that it was the next month so that I can update my status bars and of course have a fresh batch of money again.

**The NIH met on the 18th to decide whether my grant would get funded. I still haven’t received notice either way. Apparently it takes a couple days but the suspense is killing me. I just want to know!

**Yesterday I went and looked through my cell phone bills. I only took a few minutes to realize that a pay-as-you-go phone wasn’t a real good option for me. But what I did realize was that I do not use nearly as many of my texts as I pay for. I haven’t gone over 200 texts per month in the last year. However, I’m paying for 1,000. So I decreased my texts to 300/month which is completely reasonable and $5/month less. Hence, I have saved myself $10/month. GO ME!

**I also started today to switch Jack’s food to his “adult” food. I was making him food, but after 3 weeks I was exhausted and spent monetarily. So I switched him back to his old food. Now he’s going to his adult food, which is MUCH less expensive (only $20 for a 44lb bag vs $35 currently). This is also the food that Cpt. Baseball’s dog eats, so this way I can grab a cup or two from him if I miscalculate how much I bring up with me any given weekend (which has happened a couple of times now). Her fur is really soft too, so hopefully Jack’s will be, too. =)

Since Jack is nearing adulthood I’ve also started running with him. I haven’t before now since too much running, jumping and stairs as a puppy can cause hip dysplasia as an adult. So far we’ve been going once a week for a mile, just to get him warmed up to the idea. He is hilarious because he wants to run with the leash in his house. I can only assume that this is because he doesn’t like the leash bumping on his as we run. He is a fun running partner for the most part and doesn’t pull at the leash to get me to go faster, which is great. I’ve also found that going on a run with him before we head out to the dog park makes him WAY more likely to play at the dog park than stand around and eat sticks.

**I FINALLY told my boss about my vacation, which is good. It only took me 2 months since I found out I was going. I’m SO EXCITED to go. I got my “free” travel guide to Brussels today – it is free since I paid for it using the giftcards I received from Swagbucks.


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