Vacation Savings

My vacation savings took a dig this weekend as I went to a wedding. I knew about the wedding at the beginning of the month (well, before then even) and knew that I wouldn’t be able to budget it into my month. I figured that I would have to withdraw money for it, but I’m still bummed that I did.

I also decided that, while it is noble to try to pay for the mistakes of last month with money from this month, it only makes me borrow from the next month cause I can’t get ahead. So I’ve decided to simply “forgive” my self-imposed debt from last month and move forward. So I paid myself back by taking my money back from my vacation fund that I had taken out at the end of last month and paid back after payday.

Anyway, my funds are just… horrible… for my trip. And it makes me sad.

Here is what I’m looking at currently:

Current Money in Account: $1,020
May tutoring money (thus far): $60
June deposit: $290
July deposit: $290
Proposed June tutoring money: $50

I also am calculating the money that I would normally spend during those 3 weeks in “regular life” which is $375 – $125 per week.

Total: $2,085

Quite a bit short of my $2,500 goal. *sigh*

But then, I have no one to blame but myself. I’m so glad at this point that I have my grandma to help me out.

Money I “Need” for the Trip (Not including the Cruise)
Jack “boarding”: $225
Airfare: $234 (already paid)
Trains: $150
Hostels: $196
Miscellaneous travel fees: $20
Food: $250
Souvenirs: $100
Entertainment Expenses: $200
Total: $1,375

This means I’ll have only around $600 to pay for the cruise, which is $200 less than I told my grandma that I’d have. I’m very thankful that she is offering to give me $1,000 to pay for expenses on the cruise. I’ll probably just go through $500 of my own money and then when that is done use hers.

I’m getting really excited about this vacation – now I just need to tell my boss I’m leaving!


One Response to Vacation Savings

  1. myprettypennies says:

    I hear ya. My funds are horrible this month too!

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