Pay As You Go Phone

I think sometimes that perhaps the cell phone plan that I have isn’t the best option for me. I mean, there can always be SOMETHING better, can’t there?

Right now I pay $53 (with taxes and surcharges and all) for 350 minutes, unlimited “nights and weekends” from 6:00pm-9:00am, and 1,000 text messages. I also have a flexible plan, so if I go over 350 minutes I just get bumped up to the next highest plan, so I never pay more than $65/month. I think it is a pretty good deal.

I’ve been doing some research lately on the AT&T Go-Phone. For $5/month I would get 200 texts (more than what I use now) and it is prepaid. However, how it works is that I would ONLY pay on days that I use the phone – and it would be $3/day.

I went back and looked at the days I used in April, and I only used my cell phone on 7 different days – so I would have only had to pay $21 + $5 for texting. So $26 total in April. I assume that I’d still have to pay some taxes and fees – so lets just call it $35 to be safe. Well, $35 is WAY less than $53.

This would also be awesome for when I’m in Europe. Because for 3 weeks I won’t be able to make any calls. Well, why should I be paying for a cell phone when I won’t be able to use it?

With my current plan now, before taxes and fees, I pay $1.50/day. Which is cheaper per day – if I use my phone everyday – which I don’t.

I typically don’t use my phone at all on the weekends – most weekends I don’t even know WHERE my phone is.

I’m also the type of person who will do a lot of calls in one day. I will call all my friends in San Diego on one day and talk to them for hours at a time. That really is perfect for a $3/day plan. I also get into funks where I just don’t want to talk to people for days at a time, just maybe a text here or there – also the type of behavior that would benefit from a pay-as-you-go phone.

So I’m going to look at my bills from the last 6 months and see what the difference is that I would be paying.


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