I love my grandma!

On friday I was talking to my grandma, whom is paying for my trip to Europe and cruise in the Baltics with her – well, at least the airfare and cruise – I’ll pay for my galavanting after that. She asked if I had enough money for the trip, and I told her that I had about $800 for that portion of the trip. I do have more money, but I’ll need it for dog boarding, airfare, trains, hostels and food for the second half of my trip. So she casually says “Well, I’ll bring $1,000 extra for you, and anything you don’t use of that you can just give back to me.”

So she is essentially going to pay for everything for the first part of my trip, which is extremely generous. I’ll most likely budget everything out frugally for the second half and the extraneous costs of travel and then spend the remainder on the cruise before I touch her money. I don’t want to be a beggar, but it is sweet that she is offering.

This is her only trip to anywhere outside of the United States, so she wants to do it right and make sure that she sees and does everything that she wants to – no expenses spared – and she is using the money that she inherited from her aunt that passed away late last year to pay for it. So it isn’t money that she needs to live on. That said, I hope I’ll find a way to repay her for it – though I know that no repayment is necessary. I’m sure in her mind the compensation will be joining her for Thanksgiving every year like we have for nearly 10 years in a row – and that is a repayment that I will be more than happy to repay.


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