The Swimsuit

I’ve been lusting over this swimsuit for a few weeks now. Mainly, it is all I can think about when I’m not thinking about work or the dog or money — actually, I also think about it when I’m thinking about money as well. =)

It is a “cheap” version of a Janzen Vamp suit — but 1/3 the price.

However, both suits are completely out of my price range and I do have a suit that I can wear – even though it is a little small now that I’ve put on some weight. šŸ˜‰

I typically have a rule that if I still want something after I have left the store (like the next day). I tried this on in Target 2 weeks ago and still want it. Bad.



4 Responses to The Swimsuit

  1. FB @ says:

    This is in TARGET?

    Man. I have to go back to the States for some more shopping

  2. SS4BC says:

    Yes, it is. But only a few. There were 2 at the one in my town, but none at another Target an hour away. When I went back to the one in my town today they didn’t have it in my size anymore, so I’ll have to order it online if I decide to get it.Oh I wants, so bad.

  3. One Year Rent-Free says:

    Ah I love this!! I’ve been wanting a suit in this style for years. I usually wear two pieces, but it would be nice to cover up the scar on my stomach. Hmm. Now you’ve got me dreaming about it!! šŸ™‚

  4. Rhiannon says:

    Both swimsuit are really pretty beautiful. By the way whats your budget.

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