Weekend without the man-friend

On a typical weekend I drive an hour north with my dog, Jack, in tow to spend with my man-friend: Cpt. Baseball. Seeing as he lives an hour drive away I typically don’t see him except on the weekends. This works out well for me, because of research during the week I never really know when I’ll leave and don’t typically make too many hard plans for my week day evenings. This is why working at Tutor.com as a second job is nice: I can just log on when I’m free and get paid. I don’t have to worry about scheduling hours (too much) and I can log on when I have a free hour.

Because I only get to see Cpt. Baseball on the weekends, I typically don’t tutor on the weekends. I like to spend the time focused on him and us and just having fun. Not worrying about making extra money or work or anything like that. Occasionally I DO have to go into work on the weekends, but in these cases we’ll make a trip down to my lab and then spend the day where I live hiking or hanging out with my friends or something fun like this afterwards.

Well, Cpt. Baseball’s roommate is getting married this month and the bachelor party is in Chicago and is this weekend. So Cpt. Baseball is going to be gone Friday night, all day Saturday and half of Sunday. Thus, I’m a free woman! (Well, except I have to watch my dog and his dog, which isn’t too big of a deal)

My goal for the weekend is to work 600 minutes on Tutor.com – or 10 hours. It doesn’t have to be all tutoring, being scheduled and getting paid “waiting” time is fine. But my goal is 600 minutes in 3 days. I’m currently on the schedule for 5 hours, so I’ll only need to put in an extra 5 hours of tutoring on top of the time I’m already scheduled for. My goal will be to make an extra $75-100 this weekend alone. This will be all extra since I don’t normally tutor during this time. I think this will go a long way towards helping me get to my goal of an extra $700 before I leave for Europe.


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