*sigh* I did a terrible job in April!

It has not been a good month for me.

Some of my nasty money spending habits have reared their ugly head.

I made some stew last week, with the goal that it would provide me with 3-4 meals. Well, I overcooked it and it just tasted nasty. So after I meal I pitched it. Was an expensive, untasty one meal. But I guess that is part of the expense of making your own food. I haven’t been feeling much like cooking since this fiasco, so I have been eating out more (also bad) and eating breakfast out as well (terribly bad). So I know I’m VERY overbudget in the food categories this month.

Jack’s food has just wrecked havoc on my budget as well. I ended up this month spending about $80 extra just on his food!

All in all, I’ve spent $199 over my allotted budget for the month. And honestly, I just feel TERRIBLE about it. I don’t HAVE an extra $200 to spend on… well… NOTHING. It isn’t like I had to buy something this month or that I needed it real bad, I just spent my money poorly. Just a lot of grocery store shopping and trips to Starbucks that added up to me going completely over budget. Oh yes, my a few celebration dinners with friends who are getting married, birthdays, group picnics, ect. It all adds up.

I’ll need to refund my accounts for this $200 over, which means I’ll have even less money to spend come next month. It took me a long time to get out of the cycle of borrowing from the next month, so I’m really sad that I feel back in it this month.

Next month I need a better plan. I’ll need to just go to the grocery store once a week for my food purchases and actually try to PLAN out what I’m going to eat. Jack is already in the process of getting switched back to dog food, because I just can’t afford the time or money it takes to make him his own food.

I NEED to do better. I NEED to get out of this debt and make it on my own 2 feet.


One Response to *sigh* I did a terrible job in April!

  1. The Almost Millionaire says:

    At least you can be honest with your self. Most people spend, spend, spend, and never pay attention to what they are doing. Good luck doing better in MAY!

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