Tax Refund, ect

I got my tax refund today, which is awesome. I have already initiated the transfer of it into my vacation fund. It was $70 less than I remembered it being – which means that I’ll need to tutor 70 hours MORE. I’ve been slacking on the tutoring the last week, and as such only have about $100 for the month. I’m going to try to work tonight and tomorrow, but there is no promise that I’ll get above $150 by the end of the month. Also, since the apartment sublet for graduation looks like it isn’t going to go through, that is another $400 less.

So right now what I’m looking at in my vaca fund is:

April Payroll: $215
May Payroll: $215
June Payroll: $215
July Payroll: $215
Starting balance: $40
Reimbursement contribution: $85
March tutoring: $37
April tutoring: $100
Tax Refund: $530
Apartment Check: $200
Total: $1852

That is pretty far away from my goal of $2,500. I could DO this trip on $2000, but I want to have a great time, and that $500 will make a huge difference. I need to sit down this month and put together a good budget for my week alone. My grandma estimates that the total cost for everything on the cruise will be $1,000. I need the other $1,500 for the week after that and my travel to California to meet up with my grandma. Sure, I can travel around for LESS than $1,500, but I will need at least $1,000 for travel costs, minimal food expenses and hostel accommodations.

So I’ll need to get $700 in the next 2 months from tutoring. Or $350/month. Not likely, but I can still try!


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