Subletting the Apartment

So I put up an ad on Craiglist offering my apartment for people to stay at for commencement weekend.

I got one email from someone wanting it for commencement weekend, but after emailing them back I haven’t heard from them.

I then got an email over the weekend for someone wanting it for a different time period. For May 20-23rd. This is a Wed-Thurs-Fri night thing. They asked me to name the price, but since it isn’t a high volume time I wouldn’t charge more than like $50-75/night. But I’m just not sure that I should do it since these are days that I would have to stay with Cpt. Baseball an hour away. That could be stressful for me with the commuting factor. I’ve calculated this before, and for the entire drive up and back, it costs m $10 in gas. So if I were to charge $50/night, I’d net $40 each night. But at the same time, I’d be inconveniencing myself and Cpt. Baseball for 3 nights. It may be worth it.

I like the idea of getting an extra $120 for doing very little aside from cleaning my apartment, but don’t like the idea of putting myself out on days that I normally wouldn’t be out of town.

This is a toughy. I’ll ask Cpt. Baseball what he thinks.


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