Something about chickens and counting eggs…

I got an email today from the girl I was supposed to be tutoring for Organic Chemistry and Microbiology. Turns out she doesn’t have to take Organic Chemistry, she wanted to know if I still wanted to tutor her. And the truth of the matter is that I would prefer Chemistry classes. I wouldn’t feel comfortable wasting her time with Microbiology, nor charging her “full price” for Microbiology because it isn’t my area of expertise – although I’m confident that I would be able to help her with it.

Anyway, I told her that I would still help her, but that she might want to see if she could find someone else that is more qualified. And that if she couldn’t I would be more than happy to work with her, but for her to understand that chemistry is my main area.

We’ll see what she decides. It is really up her. If she feels comfortable with me, then we’ll do it. Also, since she is only taking that, I won’t make as much money. Oh well.

Also, I had received an email from a kid who was interested in my apartment for commencement, but after I emailed him back answering his questions I haven’t heard back from him. I relisted the ad on Craigslist since it had fallen pretty far and also posted it in the related Livejournal community. I may decrease the price in the next week if I haven’t heard from anyone else.

Just when I was getting really excited about all the extra money — I feel like it has been swept out from under me. *sigh*


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