Few Updates

1) I may have someone to rent my apartment for Commencement weekend. They’ll be taking it for 3 nights and in exchange I’ll get $400. Not a bad deal! That money will go straight into my travel fund. Right now my money situation is such that I may even be able to get $3,000 before I leave.

2) I’m getting desperately low on money for this month, so after getting some provisions at the grocery store tonight I’m going to try to go the entire month without shopping anymore. I have at home stuff for evenings for the next week, but I’d like to spend $20 tonight and not have to go again for the rest of the month. I think $20 for 10 days worth of food should be manageable.

3) I’m scheduled for 6 hours of tutoring over the next 4 days and am really excited about it. Three of those hours are morning hours where I’ll get $5.25 for just signing in and being “available” – though I have rarely gotten any tutoring sessions during these hours. A quick and easy way to make ~$16 (and more if I get a session!)


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