Extra Money! (sorta)

So I’ve been in negotiations with my apartment complex to extend my lease. For those of you who have read every post (no one I’m assuming), I was looking for a new apartment for a while then after looking I realized that, if my apartment was fixed, that it would be the ideal space, size, location, prize, ect. IF it was fixed.

Insert about a month of me going back and forth with the complex, the maintenance, ect trying to get them to fix my dry wall. Well it is now fixed and it is BEAUTIFUL! Everything is fixed and lovely and I just couldn’t be happier. And I made sure to tell the management and the maintenance staff this as well — I don’t want them to think I’m just a cranky bitch who just complains about things. =)

Well, they asked me then if I wanted to renew my lease, so that I could lock in my current rent rate.

So I am locking it in for the remainder of the time that I should be living here: till August 2011 (omg… another 2 years… *gulp*).

However, for whatever reason, they still had to raise my rent by $10 a month on my new 20 month lease. So to compensate they’re sending me a $200 check to balance the difference.

Thus, while starting January of 2010 I’ll have to pay an extra $10 a month (I’ll also be getting a raise in January 2010 which will cover this difference), NOW I’ll be getting a sweet $200 check right when I need it (for my trip to Europe). So I can add that in to my proposed amount that I should have for my vacation:

April Payroll: $215
May Payroll: $215
June Payroll: $215
July Payroll: $215
Starting balance: $40
Reimbursement contribution: $85
March tutoring: $37
April tutoring: ~$200
Tax Refund: $600
Apartment Check: $200
Total: $2022

So with this check, I’ll only be $478 short of my goal of $2,500. Which I’ll get by tutoring.


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