Ugh – I feel so dirty!

I sit here on this blog.

And I complain about my lack of money. I wish for more money. I pine for more money. I talk about different ways to get more money.

I figured that I should email the chair of the Chemistry department at the community college in town and ask him to keep me in mind as an adjunct for the Fall. I had emailed him in January as well and he emailed me back saying that he might have a position in the summer and that he would get back to me in the end of February. Well, by mid-March he hadn’t.

So I sent another email.

Heard nothin back.

Assuming I wouldn’t be teaching in the summer, I agree to go on this vacation with my grandma for 3 weeks over the summer.

I emailed the guy again today, asking him to remember me in the Fall when he is making up the schedule.

He promptly emails me back asking if I’m available in the summer and when is the best time for me to teach.

So I had to email him back and tell him I would be gone for 3 weeks of the 12 week summer session and wouldn’t be able to do it. But to still keep me in mind for the Fall when I wouldn’t have any other obligations.

I just feel so wrong, so dirty. This was my IN. This was my chance to do exactly what I want to do as my ‘second’ job: Teach at a community college. It is perfect as I get $3-5,000/semester AND get to boost my credentials. AND it is something that I LOVE DOING.

Hopefully he won’t forget about me and will have a position for me in the Fall. It I could do this over tutoring I would in a heart beat. Absolute heart beat. Sure, it is more work, but it is work that I ENJOY. Nah, LOVE.


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