Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programs

I’ve been thinking a lot the past few weeks about joining a CSA. Essentially a produce co-op. There are quite a few in my area, and many are already starting to fill up space.

I love the idea of getting a box of fresh, local vegetables every week. Trying new vegetables I wouldn’t otherwise try and finding new recipes for some of the ones that I receive regularly.

Since I live by myself (well, and the dog and 2 cats), I don’t need a whole lot of fresh vegetables (though recently I have started also cooking for my dog and he LOVES veggies – this is a WHOLE ‘nother post, which I may do if he continues having meals cooked for him).

So the pros are fairly obvious:
*Healthy food
*Locally grown – good impact on my carbon footprint
*Seasonal and variety of vegetables (I have a theory that if you simply eat vegetables and fruits only while in season you’ll always have the correct mix of nutrients)
*I will eat more veges because they’re around

There are also some cons:
*Expensive – well not terribly so, but it tends to average around $14/week. I’ll tell you this much, I am currently not spending $14/week on vegetables.
*Possibility of a whole box of vegetables that I don’t like

I think that spending $14/week on vegetables isn’t too bad, considering that my weekly budget is $70/week on food.

I may ask Cpt. Baseball if he wants to do this with me, then it would only be $7/week each. And we would end up probably just using up the vegetables cooking food together on the weekend (which would mean that we’ll be EATING IN and SAVING MONEY!), so that would be a win-win situation. =)

Have you done a CSA before? Did you think it was worth it? I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this.


3 Responses to Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programs

  1. squire says:

    My take on using a CSA is that it is like using coupons for food that one generally does not eat. You will have food that you love, food that you really would rather not have this week, and food that you simply will NOT eat. You may want your beloved chili tonight but if you do not use your CSA food tonight, it will spoil. WASTED MONEY!

    • SS4BC says:

      You make an excellent point… and I do LOVE chili.

      I think it is still worth giving a try for a season just to see. Especially in the summer where I’m more likely to get veggies that I love.

  2. Red says:

    I haven’t done a CSA, but a note about your dog and veggies – I didn’t know this before, but dogs actually don’t need meat. CATS are carnivores, whereas dogs are omnivores. I always thought that would be the opposite since dogs are so much larger and more active than cats.

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